My 100th Medium Post!

I have come a long way… wow!

So yeah. I started reading Medium content a few years ago probably (though I do not remember). My first post was made in January 2020. Now in November (the very end), I have hit my 100th post! I am so blessed and thankful that I am able to post on Medium and how much I have learned by using this platform!

My first post! Seemed like a cool day!

So. What did I mostly post about through this time? From browsing through my stories, it seems like a lot of them were self-journals. My first few entries were about my experience with COVID-19. It talked about my habits and what I did at the beginning — from being on campus, to staying home and finishing the winter term. There were also posts about my phone photos from the past 7 years, especially the vivid life lessons and experiences that was very cool to reflect on. Most recently, I am posting about my life in Fall 2020, my second straight school term online, and the many things I have been doing outside of school. Very fun and cool stuff as well!


So Medium comes with analytics tools that are pretty simple I guess. Unfortunately, you can only see 30 days at a time, cannot really do lifetime stats or such.

It feels pretty good that there were 15 views over the last 30 days for my posts! Cool!

What’s Next

I feel that Medium has been part of my life, and lifestyle this year. I have spent hours on hours on hours using this wonderfully designed platform. It has been so awesome, and I see myself making more posts in the future. One of my sub-goals is to hopefully make it to over 120 posts by the end of the year, which seems very attainable since it is almost the end of the school term. I have a lot of big plans in mind, and a lot of new ideas for my goals in life, and hopefully I can document some of it in Medium!!!

Next year, hopefully I can use this platform nicely as well to talk more about stuff. Although I live a normal life, Medium is so fun to use, and it seems like there is so much more potential for me to use this in the future!