My Weekday Morning Routine (Fall 2020)

Stanley Wongus
4 min readNov 27, 2020


So let me tell you something, Fall 2020 is one special period of time so far. It is my second straight term of online classes, and third straight term of school. There were a lot of ups, and although I am not too sure how ‘successful’ I am, I am still quite happy with how consistent I have been.

Every weekday morning, I do almost the same thing (I would say >85% consistency since I am lazy sometimes). But overall, here it is:

Wake Up

Usually the alarm goes off at like 6:20am. But usually I would be up before then (sometimes before 6am), and I just stretch in bed or get a bit more rest, or just look at my phone for a period of time (not good for eyes :( ). I would then get changed, go to the washroom, and maybe get a drink of water, gotta stay hydrated!

Ring ring. Vibrate (x10).

Morning Run

My morning exercise every weekday morning consists of a run. This happens pretty much after the last step. I would usually just run on water and the previous night’s meal, but sometimes if I feel like it I would eat a small snack, such as a few berries or half a granola bar to get my energy stores fueled! I would play Billie Ellish’s ‘Come out and Play’ song pre-run as I am drinking water and tying up my shoes.

Lara Bars are my go-to (sometimes)

Overall, I have skipped this wakeup-run routine twice during fall 2020! Kind of happy with it so far (fingers crossed)!

Usually, since I do not have any running goals and am just looking to build a base, I go for around a 1 hour run. Usually it is just 7–8 miles, but in September it was 5–6 most of the time since I was just taking it slow.

Due to my slacking off on phone and laziness, I usually officially start the run around 6:50am-7am. I also listen to Taylor Swift’s Folklore during the run, in order, from top to bottom. Yes, basically every morning it’s the same. No matter what. If the run somehow goes over ~1 hour 4 min (approx length of entire album) I play some random singles (from my Apple Watch). But usually Folklore is good enough for the entire run. All runs are almost the same length, easyish effort! So much fun!

Every day. Every day. This album. Every morning!


After I finish my run like around 400m from my house, I would to cool down stretches, and walk it off a bit. Some backwards running included to help glutes and lower legs. Some plyometrics and other stuff to hopefully make my legs nice and strong, and recover well! I have started incorporating this since my right knee felt weird in July, especially when building back up my mileage.

I would also play singles, mostly from Billie Eilish during this time since Folklore is probably done playing by then.

After entering the house, I would drink a bit of water, to rehydrate, then I would go to my room and do more cooling down. Now it is foam rolling, mostly my legs, and a bit of back as well. Just trying to recover well and keep the engine powerful!

Foam rolling! Massage for freeeeeee!

Then I would do core and some other arm mobility strength and leg exercises. Such as planks and ‘hurdle’ drills. I think for me it is important to work on all these things every day, to ensure that I can keep running, and push my body harder (to get better at exercising)! Depending on how much time I have, I will do more or less of it.

Then I shower.


So I made a breakfast post earlier this week as well. As you can probably guess, it’s pretty much the same thing every day! I sometimes bring the laptop along, since I can save a lot of time by watching online lectures or doing some simple tasks and homework stuff!

After eating, depending on time (usually almost 9am, though mostly 8:30am in September) I would continue the laptop stuff for a bit more. Then around 9am (or 8:40am in September) I would start a typical day off. September was less exercising overall, so that is why things start a bit earlier.

And that’s the morning routine. Every weekday. Yaaaaaaay!

I might make a typical post of a regular weekday or a week in the life of Fall 2020 for me later on. But that would be very long or detailed. So this is good enough for now.



Stanley Wongus