Hopefully I can stay committed to documenting my time as school is all moved online and Ye. Hopefully this last month of Ye will be nice.

Started the day at 8am. Was pretty hungry so ate a peanut butter Larabar. It was really nice, a different texture compared to some other flavors because of the peanut butter. Then just rested and stared at my phone for a few more minutes.

Since today was supposed to be the Laurier Loop (I signed up for the 5k), and it got cancelled, I did the virtual run instead. I signed up for the run just last week to just have a check-up on my 5k speed since I’m still building up after my injury.

Well, whatever. There wasn’t anywhere nice to do 5k (didn’t feel like track), and I was planning to use my peg turbos for the last time (green/black) before I relegate it to just casual wear. So I just did like 7 miles with the final ~5k at hard effort.


I didn’t want a whole lot of miles today, since I wanted a nice Sunday long-ish run. Yesterday was a easyish 11 miles. So 7ish seemed decent. Wind was pretty destruction in the latter half though.

I guess my 5k time was just over 20 minutes, which was pretty destruction. But considering accel/decel for traffic lights up King street, it was alright. A hard effort but not fully all out.

Still want a ~17 minute 5k soon though. Idk if I can pull it off yet.

Did laundry when I got back.

The usual post-run breakfast. Protein shake (almond milk + whey protein powder <- MusclePharm garbage which I have to finish cause I don’t wanna waste it). Had some nice frozen (80% thawed) fruits (berries, mango) with plain greek yogurt. And 2 peanut butter and (wild blueberry) jelly sandwiches (opened a new loaf of ancient grains Dempsters — I plan to get sprouted in a few days to hopefully try out). Also ate an orange.

Then wasted my time a bit (also laundry stuff).

Then started working on CS350 Assignment 3 (the last one) which is destruction.

Ate a peanut butter chocolate chip Larabar because I was too lazy to make lunch (planned some chicken breast Ye). Also had (dessert) Liberte strawberry fruit bottom yogurt. Still was too focused on assignment.

Opened the almond butter jar to make 2 almond butter and jelly sandwiches as lunch/snack lol.

Worked more on the assignment.

“Finished” the assignment around 10ish. A lot of the tests weren’t passing. Unfortunately I am done with it since it’s pissing me off (long story short). So it is what it is. Done CS350 (except exam stuff, unless I want to go back and work on it if I have lots of time).

Just heated up brown rice/quinoa mixture with the beyond ground + mushroom + onion stuff I made last night. Also had regular Costco organic spring mix and Arugula & baby spinach mix. It was nice. Video called my family back at home. Watched some Youtube. Typing this up.

Will brush and go to sleep.