My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 1)

Just using Medium to write about all the phone photos I have taken (2013–2020), since I am starting to become forgetful. Will not put specific photos and names of most people for privacy reasons. Also I probably have deleted a lot of photos over the years for memory reasons and just some photos aren’t worth to have in the camera roll.

Don’t even think Medium is the best place for this; but this stuff is mostly for myself in case I ever lose the photos or memory of them. Also I’m bored and need to fill up my Youtube and other content accounts with stuff lol. Each part might be like 2–4 months’ worth long. Part 2 link should be at the end.

Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx

straight trash (after a few months of use)

Although the first phone with a camera that I had was a flip phone that I used up to grade 9, I got my first smartphone September 2019.

It was really cool since it was my first smartphone. A budget smartphone; but still a smartphone nonetheless. It was alright for the first year. Pretty much trash after that thanks to Android and the amount of apps installed. Less than 1GB RAM doesn’t help either.

September 2013: Filters

Got the new phone at the end of September, so not much to talk about here. Somehow over the first few months with this phone I took a bunch of photos with the filters cause I thought that it was cool.

Random filtered photos near the house lol

October 2013: More filters

Phone was still cool; still took a lot of photos. This was also grade 9, so I started doing a lot of variable-based maths.

light work

Throwback to the 2007 Honda Odyssey, took most of the outdoor photos in it.

Still loving the 5MP camera!

Also shoutout to the Nike Revolution 2s lol. Think my aunt got them for me in a USA outlet store so it was priced nicely (as most my shoes were). My main (pretty much only) running shoes in grade 9. Served its purpose; not much else to say.

Took the above photo cause we knew someone called Carson Lau who wasn’t a Kung Fu person. Found this outside ten ichi restaurant (the first Japanese place I’ve been to).


Also started taking photos of dead animals? Not sure but there might be a few more here and there.

November 2013: Take Your Kid To Work Day

Of course I did not take any photos of the event at Cisco downtown. Still took a bunch of random photos

Inside-vehicle photos again!!!

Probably some photos above were from different days. Also took some random photos of my family watching TV for some reason; not shown here. Aside from that, not an eventful November, in terms of phone photos.

Ending Part 1 here. Part 2.