My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 41)

Part 40

November 2019: Fooooooooood

So after halloween was nice 10 mile race thing downtown on the sunday Ye. Tried out nice maurten last week, and a bunch of other nice which was cool. But also this was like a 75 mile week so idk how much I can push myself and stuff.

So nice pokemon go stuff the day before which was nice. Nice olive garden pre race pasta meal Ye. Oh yeah had 2 p terry’s burgers before then cause starving and destruction. Overall big pre race day meal. But nice daylight savings and stuff, and overall ran 6 ish miles to the start line cause too lazy to uber or get to race and wanted simulate 18 with 10 at MP since that was the scheduled run. Overall very nice 60 min and some change for the run which was better than expected. Obviously legs a bit gassed towards second half since already did 6 miles earlier. Then Ye overall nice.

Still continued schedule runs stuff even though shin was starting to become Ye in hindsight, but yeah rip even did track workout 2 days later lol damn. But don’s japanese thing was nice, then go karting stuff next day super op and fun Ye.

Went to get bamh Ye thing vietnemese after that which was pretty nice and OP.

Then Thursday was nice curry takeout indian stuff for lunch which was really nice and Ye. I think went to titaiya’s after for nice dinner and stuff. Also started increasing playing catan and other stuff iirc. Then Sunday long run stuff was torchy’s and Ye. Also a cubing competition which was nice but I forgot which weekend, but same day as chimchar community day which was overall pretty nice.

Then nice all hands at alamo drafthouse super nice and Ye unlimited food stuff so had a lot of nice. Nice salad and pizza and other Ye. Also watched parasite afterwards which was a bit scary but super op. Ye.

Then random mom photo stuff of toronto snow weather which was destruction. But Austin weather much nicer lol.

Then Thursday was nice honest mary’s bowl thing which was super op and nice. I enjoyed these bowl places, nice nutrition. Got a burrito afterwards jokes lol I ate a lot back then.

Then somehow later nice el taccorido thing which were mini tacos but salsa and taste of those tacos were actually super duper OP and nice damn. Then for thanksgiving lunch thing one week before actual thanksgiving was nice potluck Ye which I decided to do candy sushi. Overall it was pretty nice end result lol.

Next week (no idea what I did weekend before and all that rip lol maybe it was the pizza day where it was large papa johns was like the only thing I had the whole day rip) was the owl talk nice Ye. Overall super nice stuff since jokes talk about google review and a bunch of other nice during that time. Nice fire whip thing super OP and other stuff like that.

Then photo of nice expensive Ye. Didn’t drink any cause I don’t, but still nice Ye jokes stuff. Then rightmost photo was like this goat catered lunch that we got like once a month, had it first day of work. Super duper OP, like purple rice and chicken and bunch of veggies, like super nice avocado. Too nice.

Then the weekend was like the final long run which included nice lady bird lake of my time here. Took a nice photo near the end cause super nice view and stuff. Got to see it every time almost every sunday last few months so nice. Then got a ride back for nice, and got nice taco deli and stuff again, super nice food. Then Thursday lunch work was nice cafe el dorado thing, and I think I got plant based thing? Or something pork, but overall it was nice.

Thanksgiving long weekend was the nicest. Didn’t take photos but got nice denny’s on that day. Nice quality final speedwork run. Although left shin more and more Ye day by day, I overall felt pretty nice overall (was a bit sick on Monday RIP needed day quil and stuff and a bit on Tuesday, ironically Monday was the first day off of no running literally since august damn. Longest streak ever so nice). Then also got a nice galaxy a10e from walmart; locked but nice price for the specs. Could’ve gotten so much more nice in hindsight just at wal mart alone for pre black friday Ye like chromecast bundle for like 20 with nice Ye’s inside, didn’t really do so overall. Still played pokemon go quite a bit however. And also nice UT game on Friday iirc? Overall rainy and destruction, but 2x meal halal bros jokes, and overall it was a bit nice. Then Saturday was nice destruction 4 or 3 or so hour lineup for Franklin’s bbq. Nice thing they gave in line though lol.

But Ye, random nice photos and videos there, and overall though meat heavy and not super nutritious, it was super nice experience and super OP bbq brisket and other food super nice.

Then went bouldering later which was slightly destruction cause franklin’s but overall nice. Then watched knives out at nice. Super nice OP movie and got nice jokes photos for ig. But overall super nice movie Ye. Then went home for other nice and Ye.

So overall November was nice, though shin starting to get Ye, and went bouldering weekend before marathon was Ye, overall process was nice. Used the next%’s first time for like a 36ish minute 10k on track? not sure but that was also nice. Enjoyed the movies which were nice, as well as food which was still super op, and the experience was nice.

December 2019: End of a goated year

Ye whoops this story will be super long cause decided to put november and december in one story. But Ye. Overall a lot of nice.

More photos of snow in toronto. Ye blessed to be living in nice at the moment. Though sometimes heat destruction cause Ye turning it down to 60s rip.

But nice pizza place for lunch for work on thursday. Super cool and stuff.

Then San Antonio Ye for marathon super hyped, and basically in the making since the beginning of the year on the treadmill to nice summer stuff in school, to this. Waking up early every day for this moment. But Ye, another nice one and a half years later after other Ye to finally be hotel alone again so lots of space and nice Ye. But yeah nice megabus deal as well, and went to nice marathon expo stuff and took photos of the places and had to memorize the geography a bit cause destruction didn’t want to bring phone or store stuff at the bag check since time was short and stuff so it was basically race then dip. So bad Ye. But picked up stuff which was nice, then nice dinner and Ye recommended to me. Overall the z___ cafe thing was nice stuff, ended up getting a pizza as well as the nice pasta thing. Nice to explore city as well since nice pokestops lol.

Next day got a super easy 3 ish mile shakeout thing on the morning and found out nice des linden autograph thing, but couldn’t get it on bib destruction, but still ended up getting nice signature on other Ye as well. Super cool and stuff lol OP moment. Ended up getting chipotle burrito cause I was super familiar with this OP food; somehow I really like chipotle. But Ye got it for like lunch and dinner, along with the ‘bottomless’ pasta dinner at hotel Ye jokes lol. Overall it was super nice, and got a lot of nice fuel in the body. And nice exploration of the city as well especially near a few areas and did a nice few raids on the day of cause of nice gen1 starters evolution raid event thing idk.

So yeah next day nice race happened. Everything went as planned, nice maurten and singlet aeroswift from before, pink vaporflys from a few months ago so nice, as well as nice nike short cut elite socks nice coincidence half price off when I got it before watching far from home in July, as well as nice shorts (5 inch iirc) that has pockets so I can put my gels in (too lazy for any other technique; I was quite used to this pair of shorts) — which I got in grand prairie cause nice discount. All the moments from the past few years literally helped me during this race, especially the shorts situation. It was slightly tighter than I’d like, but overall during the race it was fine and the pockets were so helpful, though a bit sus if stuff fell out. Nice one zipper at back for backup gel which I ended up using at like mile 22ish cause destruction and seemed like I was burning through energy, and hotel key lol since I was literally just racing then dipping. But finished way faster than goal of ~2:56 with ~2:54. Not pro, but so nice for me as a casual since the paces during training did not really indicate it, especially during the earlier months in Austin.

But it all worked out in the end. Felt so good honestly. Barely took any time off the year since January, when waking up biking at like 6:30 before work, then exercising when I got home on treadmill or even running home some times. Then summer nice waking up before 6am for a lot of the days then running a lot which built up to waking up every day before work early just to get mileage in. Overall it felt so good and blessed to blast past that goal. So nice. Really wanted it, and got it. Felt like I had a gear in me with like 4ish miles left and didn’t hit the wall or anything so felt like maybe could’ve gone a bit faster. But overall shin was like a bit more Ye than usual, so this was like the last chance with all the fitness I gained for a nice all out race. If left shin was nicer than probably nicer race overall. But overall nice, took nice dump when I limped back to hotel lol. Then megabus back ride was so nice since listening to nice music and reiminicing about how I was able to achieve the goal so cool.

Then felt destruction when I got back since had to walk a bit to be picked up and nice, then got nice torchy’s 5 different taco stuff for lunch. Yeah just had minor snacks to recover RIPPPPPP, yeah didn’t really have much. Then later dinner was a bit of nice, but overall not much. Some catan as usual, but didn’t get the best sleep and stuff, but ok nap. Overall it was ok. But left shin was super destruction at this point.

Next week of work so destruction since i felt I actually got mini fracture cause so destruction left shin ripppppp. Couldn’t do anything. But still overall Ye. Went nice taco truck place dinner for nice one day. Like everything for rest of december so nice, except the pain every time weight on left shin rip. Not the worst, but it was still really bad. Got nice corporate uber for event thing work thing next week I think.

Nice popeyes chicken sandwich, tried it first time, super nice as expected. Oh yeah I was basically cheat meal a lot since couldn’t really do so for the last approx year or so since I was in process (though sometimes still Ye like in August). But overall idc about Ye and just tried whatever nice food. Also had nice chick fil a right after for nice comparison. Overall super nice chicken sandwiches. Then lunch wsa super nice I think this was vegetarian cafe el dorado. Ye cheese enchiladas or something, but super nice.

Oh yeah forgot to mention on friday was nice work year end party thing on main thing downtown library which was so nice overall. Jokes troy williams thing though, that was a bit cringe for me, especially since i didn’t wear the casual shirt that I got from home, instead just Ye t shirt lol. But overall it was nice. Then nice uber back in a pick up truck lol. Then nice catan again, as usual so nice.

Forgot so much and didn’t take that much photos? But nice the domain stuff again on weekend for velvet tacos and even more catan!!! Forgot to mention like week before marathon was some destruction catan nights that I got super salty lol rip. But yeah got migraine during this weekend when had to do 2 community days of nice downtown near capitol for nice stuff. 2 phones was much nicer gets, but overall migraine destruction green screen Ye learned that nicely on Monday when i missed half day of work rip. Then saw nice mclaren in parking lot a few times so took photo of nice nice lol.

Then later on the week it was supposed to be nice sushi or something but ended up east side for this nice enchilada stuff. Overall it was nice and cool. Then we got free tickets, or someone won them for the light thing Ye which was nice with roommates last time before leaving and stuff ye.

Overall it was super cool but starting to get a bit destruction cold rip. But it was still really nice. Nice jokes about europe in ontario stuff. Then final lunch of the work year stuff was nice el dorado thing and got the same enchiladas I got the very first week of work. Time really went by and so much nice happened, especially running and learning new react stuff for work. Barely mentioned it since too lazy to type out some work stuff, but it was nice learning experience, and office was so nice.

Then at night was opening night rise of skywalker so nice downtown library museum imax thing, even got nice poster. Movie was kind of nice overall lol Ye. Overall it was fun movie. Then nice screenshot of air canada leaving details. Then final day in Austin was nice party thing and I decorated some jokes cookies cause bored and Ye but overall it was nice. yeah so packed stuff and left, and overall was pretty sad; especially nice cheap phone plan mint mobile (ryan reynolds Ye) and so much cool experiences. Missed it a lot. Fun time back just listening to nice music. Nice memories listening to lover like half my runs, especially before 6am right out the door and same song and order of nice. Oh yeah forgot final ABP bouldering the very last day which was nice, even though shin still Ye, but not as destruction, but still still Ye Ye.

Then got back home to toronto which was still nice but weather a bit more Ye. Usual Christmas nice as usual, watched rise of skywalker like 2 more times cause pretty nice, met up with friends for mini golf stuff, cousins stuff usual stuff, started going on short runs like every few days, though hurts a bunch after still, but Ye idk lol. Biked some too like before.

Got really nice las vegas architecture stuff which was nice. Met up with friends and did a bunch of other stuff. Overall nice usual Ye. Also some Pokemon go usual stuff cause nice. But it’s cold lol.

Finally got schedule cause jokes and maybe visiting and Ye stuff. And I guess that’s it for December. Overall saw conclusion of marathon plan and work which was super OP sad and cool and nice. Injured which sucks, but took time to finally wake up late and do other nice. Played catan a million times so jokes, like the expansion and Ye. Overall super fun stuff overall.

So that’s it for 2019. Like I guess the nicest so far by far since each third of year nice of work, school, work, each unique and distinct but I saw process in each of them for exercising and everything. New experiences all in all and so fun. Really missed Austin and the nice there so OP. Met my BQ goal so if things proceed nicely than 2021 Boston Marathon will be nice. Injury sucks a bit, but bouldering super nice that I picked up. Watched a bunch of super nice movies as well super op. So much nice new food experiences as well that is like my whole life combined to one. Also so much cooking and stuff. Forgot to mention nice salmon and chicken whole foods runs for other nice as well super cool in Austin. Cooked so much much much chicken breast jokes lol as well as brown rice and quinoa nice. Some curry chicken, beyond meat, and other random beef stuffs like fish, but overall plain chicken breast with just oil was the thing, along with siracha sauce in Austin. At school, mostly leftovers and nice chicken stuff too. Airpods were nice, got new apple watch, ran a bunch, passed school and work, and super excited that I’m halfway done school. Ye. So much nice music and stuff too. Overall nice. Powerbeats 3 still hanging in there after 2+ years of so much exercise. Used it like almost every run so nice.

So that’s it. Not sure when I’ll be doing 2020 or if I’ll be doing it at all. Just wanted to document most of my progress up to covid? i have no idea but just a personal journal of most stuff which I’ll look back. So nice I guess. Not too much details overall. But maybe I’ll do all photos up to the previous year of writing since keeping up to date will be way more detailed than needed and stuff since fresh in memory and Ye. Overall nice. That’s it.




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