My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 42) [2020]

Stanley Wongus
5 min readDec 12, 2020

So I guess I am back at it, after part 41 I published a few months back. Since the year is almost over, I think it is a good time to go over the photos from this very very special, unique, weird year of 2020. I did take a lot of phone photos in 2020 (as well as deleted quite a few). But overall, I will try to go over them as best as I can. I will probably split this up a few months at a time.

I am still considering this my midlife still I guess. But let’s begin.

January 2020: Start of 3rd year

Moved into copperfield this January, a place quite further from Blair house for my 3A term of university. Just took phone photos to make sure that the conditions were what they were.

Some more photos taken. It was relatively gross when we got there though, not that much cleaning all around.

So next it was eating out with my roommate on King Street Freshii; relatively a nice nutritious place. A lot of nice and cool food places there.

Also ate out with my cousin at the Poke Bowl place too. Very cool food places so far!

Then a bunch of stuff for CS341 assignment.

Did not really take too many photos over this time period so it is mostly 341 assignments I think.

More 341 stuff and a nice screenshot of Mamba mentality after Kobe’s passing RIP. A quite sorrow start to 2020. Overall January was mostly adjusting to the new settings of school and place where I am living. Also left shin is recovering after hurting a bit from December marathon.

February 2020: Plant-Based

A bunch more 341 assignment stuff and notes? Not too sure but I assume that is what it is.

Some more 341 stuff that’s a bit edited with office lens since they were blurry I think.

Then there is eating a vegetable curry thing from Kismet. First time there since 2018 if I recall correctly. I am not a big fan of their food overall, not the best nutrition. But yeah with some friends so it’s ok. Also I ate a lot more plant based stuff because it was nice I think these days. Then some nice ICON videos of deadlifting. I did 135lbs lol which was jokes since I never deadlift and stuff.

More 341 stuff. Then there was a meal of tofu and tempeh hybrid stir fry dish? It was a bit gross overall since the flavor of the tempeh was like maple and it was my first time so I was not super familiar with it. Then there was BET100 assignment sheets which were a bit jokes and stuff since that was a light course. Then eating some nice ramen and the Kenzo replacement place that was pretty decent overall.

Then more 341 stuff overall I think. A lot of writing for this course apparently. I probably do not remember most of those concepts these days. Then a nice Ben 10 black air force 1s for jokes. Also nice memories of grinding out paint assignment for CS349 while watching the US olympic marathon trials.

Oh yeah also got into host matching, passed the technical interview part for Google, except no host wanted me so far :(, which is sad since I was not really getting any other interviews unfortunately.

March 2020: COVID

So the beginning of March was basically still a bit worrisome for jobs. Chances of getting Google Host match was like near-zero. But still, also COVID getting worse.

Just mostly 341 assignment photos still.

Then some nice spongebob stink stuff, and a nice Freshii bowl that is plant-based I think. Oh yeah forgot to mention earlier that I am still playing a lot of Pokemon Go these days, especially on campus during class. Got a shiny shadow Beldum which is so jokes and super nice. Played a lot with friends during reading week, forgot to mention that earlier. Then nice pic of skinny snorlax. And a nice spider man and squidward house meme jokes thing.

Then a really nice and cool Squidward meme video thing with patrick solitude and box stuff jokes. Then the final 341 assignment I think which was nice and jokes overall. At this point I was pretty much back at home, since I already finished the interview for Axon, got the job, then got cancelled and deferred, then nothing else to do in Waterloo, then just go home and finish the semester there instead.

More 341 stuff, and a nice squidward photo reply. Then a nice pizza lunch at home with nice jokes super thick dough for pepperoni pizza, kale/veggie plant-based patties that was nice, and some mini pizza and salad and leftover roast mini potato. Really nice overall. I think I was starting to help make food and stuff at that point? And also a nice AresnalFanTV meme W thing.

So overall that is my March so far. Pretty fun, moved back home, term is basically almost over and yeah. Probably no job for next term, but I did not really care anyways. Had some courses still planned out on the spreadsheet, so hopefully taking summer classes full-load can ensure that I can get the entire 2021 summer free for another internship or whatever I want!

Part 42 found here.