Exercising Every Day Can Ruin Your Life [OUTDATED]


There is a cost to exercising every day. Exercising wastes time and money. Doing it every day will be very harmful in the long run, and leave thoughts of deep regret.

Is it worth it to run 30 minutes per day?


Is exercise really beneficial for humans. For some, yes, it helps mentally (relieve stress), financially (professional sports), and physically (to lose weight to prevent worse things from happening). But overall, I think that exercising every day is not worth it. Exercising a lot is not that good, for an average person. We’ll take a look at what a misinformed person thinks is very ‘good’, ‘healthy’, and ‘ideal’: a person whomst exercise 30 minutes every day. Here’s why it’s not good:

Calculations for Calories Burnt


Calories, calories
A simple Google Search shows how conservative the previous calculations are.

It Gets Worse :(

$340 per year does not seem like much. Until you factor in the ~30 minutes every day. It can be spent on a lot of better things, such as work, education, etc. I will assume that an average person exercising 30 min/day will earn $13 per hour, just under the minimum wage, during the time exercised.


It is good to know that not everyone is fully exercising 30 minutes/day. As shown above, there is a good reason why the average person will not exercise 30 minutes/day. Unless you do not have a job, or already have millions on millions in the bank, there is no reason to spend so much money exercising.

Food. Money. Economics. Destiny.



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