Exercising Makes Your Life Infinitely Better

This new post is in response to the post I made earlier today that needed a desperate redaction and fixes, and was inaccurate after deep self-reflection and feedback from my peers. The previous post does not represent my current thoughts and opinions. This current post will make references to the points made in the previous post.


Exercising is something that many people consider ‘extra’. However, doing it every day is beneficial for almost anyone. When you start exercising consistently, even for a small amount of time, you will likely start noticing life get better. There are some drawbacks, but the benefits you reap will make you forget about any of the drawbacks.

Exercising does a lot of good things.

Health Benefits

There are many benefits for consistent exercise, and many unique reasons for different individuals.

Burning fat and excess calories consumed (as the average American consumes more food, especially protein, than the body actually needs). This reduces the likelihood for obesity and other diseases. As mentioned in the previous post, time is wasted when exercising. That was not considering the health drawbacks of not exercising.

The mental stresses of bad health

If someone is more likely to get obese, that will mean that they will be more heavy-weighted. This will equate to doing most tasks slower, such as putting on clothes, showering (more surface area on body), walking, etc. I will not put calculations like before, but those times every day will add up throughout the year.

It will not be 30 minutes per day yet. But once you factor in doctor appointments, other medical procedures or precautions, and other weight-related drawbacks (too heavy to ride some elevators, chairs break down quicker, etc), it will slowly creep up to 30 minutes per day wasted because of bad health.

In addition, you can factor the mental stresses, such as body image and self-consciousness, as well as using more brain power to think of what to eat and not to eat. This will result in more active calories burned.

With all those factors in terms of physical health, you can see that the benefits of exercising to prevent health detriments can start to add up, and catch up to the drawbacks of exercising.


In addition to physical health (which those said detriments may not apply to the younger folk and homo sapiens blessed specific genes), mental health is also very important. Exercising can help relieve a lot of stress in life.

Exercising every day consistently (even for like 15 minutes) can help the human mind develop a good habit or schedule. This keeps their life more organized and controlled. Exercising is also very good to take a break in between stressful tasks, since it usually allows someone’s mind wander around into whatever thoughts they want. It keeps stress levels down, and can even benefit the day to day tasks of an individual. This can bring in some extra money, especially when closing a sale or creating a new product.

Mentals kept in check.

It is hard to calculate, but having the right mentals also means that someone would not get stressful and eat lots of stuff as they can stay more focused on tasks. After adding on the additional benefits of mental health that can be grasped in school or the workplace, it serves as an excellent investment for the future, which can bring in even more money.

It Gets Better :)

Exercising can be done with many people, so it can make de-stressing sessions into an anti-stressing session! With all the virtual opportunities at home and through different websites, exercising has gotten a lot more cooler and easier!

People can also form new passions for exercising. It can be done for self-improvement, motivation, etc. It is very cool to track fitness and improvements, especially the amount of push ups you can improve to do over a month or how fast you can run a 5k! It can get addicting, money will be spent, but endorphins will be active, and ultimate fulfillment can be reached!

Goals, goals and Goals, goals!

It all comes down to what someone really wants in life. Some people want to be the best they can be at shooting hoops like Stephen Curry, so they keep playing basketball every day to find that practice, self improvement, and achievement, which will make them ultimately happy and fulfilled.

Others want to become other things that they find super fulfilling, and that may come at grinding hours trying to find a cure for cancer, which may not permit too much time for exercising. Or even saving lives, which may not need to prioritize exercising.

What is the meaning of your life, and what is the purpose of your life? Will exercising be in it? What are the things that make you feel that you have done enough in life? If your life is a book, and you are the author, will exercise be printed between the covers?


Exercising is a choice. It can be good, or bad. Usually, for the average person, it is super duper duper good. It is not part of human life, yet it is an element in billions of human lives around the world.

Constant exercising is a good investment to make. Saying it is bad is kind of like saying paying six figures for medical school and endless hours of studying every day is a waste. It is not; since becoming a doctor has many rewards that overcome the initial investment: salary, prestige, and most importantly, you are (usually) a life-saving professional that positively impacts other people’s lives!

Except exercising is not really like medical school. Almost everyone can do it. There is no money to put down, except maybe for extra food (just add a bit more food when cooking). The time spent can really help in the long run.

Stretch and move!



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