Whole Foods (Vegan)Maple Donut Review

Another Nice Whole Foods Pastry

Stanley Wongus
2 min readDec 19, 2020

So today, I had the chance to try another donut pastry from Whole Foods, this time it is a Maple Vegan Donut. I had the blueberry vegan donut, as mentioned previously, and this time, it is pretty similar.

The exterior is a nice maple flavored glaze, that is a bit sticky of course.

It is vegan, so I assume no eggs or butter or those sorts of stuff were used in this donut. Not the healthiest, but on the first bite, it was a nice, slightly fluffy yet firm texture. The donut tasted relatively like a plain donut (with a donut hole). However the glaze combined with it makes it a lot nicer.

Overall, it tasted really nice. Although I am not the biggest fan of a ‘maple’ flavor, it is still very complimentary and nice to the relatively fresh (not previously frozen) donuts. The quality was very nice.

To compare, I ate a mini donut that is one of the pre-packaged ones you can get at WalMart or something. The texture of these donuts seem a lot better, and the flavor is so much better. The sweetness of the maple glaze along with the flour and soft texture of the interior feels like pretty ‘fresh’ to me.

This donut is also quite filling, but not super filling, and it does not feel super oily or something that is as bad as some other pastries. The glaze is not completely overwhelming, yet there is still quite a lot for the nice taste. Not the healthiest, and not my favorite flavor, but the maple is still there for all the fans of it. 7/10.