Whole Foods Pumpkin Scone Review

Stanley Wongus
2 min readDec 16, 2020


So I got the Pumpkin Scone from Whole Foods today. I ate it, and here is my review.


It is the usual single pastry cost of $3, and it is a standard pastry like size from Whole Foods. It is like a normal scone, except with the pumpkin ingredients inside, and a different, nice white and brown frosting on the outside.

Overall, it looked very attractive from the outside. The brown icing (or whatever it is) was striped nicely onto the white icing on top. It was not also super sticky (only a little bit of it stuck onto the wrapper).

Taking a bite into it, it was a little bit messy (as expected with usual baked pastries). It did taste relatively better than some other pastry places (with pre frozen pastries), since I assume Whole Foods makes it themselves before selling it.

There was a light brown-yellow interior and the pumpkin spice flavours were there. It tasted really good, especially with the icing on top of the fluffy, cake-ey inside. The flavors and sweetness combine in the mouth, and it is a very satisfying pastry to eat. I ate it around room temperature, so heating it or cooling it is probably not necessary.

Overall, I might not eat it again (since it is quite unhealthy; very sugary and not many nutrients overall), but this pumpkin spice scone is a very delicious treat that I enjoyed! 7/10.