Waterloo 1A V1 Food Stuff (part 1)

Stanley Wongus
8 min readSep 30, 2020


Decided to get this story(s) done since it’s in my to-dos and stuff. Since I still have quite a few photo stuff of food from first year and it seemed pretty cool. I’ll explain Fall 2020 update when time comes, but for now it’s just a quick explanation of some food stuff that I recorded during 1A at UWaterloo (2017). Usually breakfast lunch and dinner at V1 (residence) and various other locations when I was not there.

Random photo of my computer laptop and monitor setup

Usually the meals were decently nutritious I think. A lot of fast food stuff still.

Stir fry thing where I think select veggies first then the people behind the counter cook it with choice of meat and all that. Simple carbs and Ye. The sauce may be a bit unhealthy, but still decent flavour I guess. Typical dinner at this food choice, since I got lots of veggies to choose from and all.

This dinner was an exception (a few times a week when the hot food was nicer than the custom Ye) I think. Got dumplings and broccoli. This showed up every few weeks, and was decent I guess. Decent nutrition and high flavour. The portions were tiny relative to the custom veggies thing, since I would usually stuff the bowl thing with veggies.

Casual breakfast of like toast, meat thing, and milk. Just casual dairy like twice a day (breakfast + dinner). I think there was jam and stuff on the side. But breakfast was ok nutrition I guess. Unhealthy compared to cooking at home and all.

Had SLC pita pit first day of classes and was pretty decent. Overall haven’t had pita pit since first year. Not a big fan of this style fast food and all anymore. But it was ok. Something relatively new.

Pad thai dinners were really cool. Basically just pad thai style noodles and the sauce thing. The usual custom add your own veggies and all thing and they cook it. Chocolate milk as dairy. Was nice since they obviously couldn’t afford eggs so no egg pad thai always nice lol.

So Yeah all simple carbs in this. Very low nutrition relatively speaking. Sometimes I would get yogurt or milk, though yogurt such a big rip off. I rarely got Eggo’s cause they’re trash. And I guess got white bread sometimes which is not that nice.

Was finally able to afford steak and cheese subway sandwich, thanks to meal plan money. I think it was quite a treat when I first got it. Got subway so many many times during first year. Decent nutrition since I always added lots of veggies (and lettuce by default). It was ok overall. Just hot sauce or no sauce usually so a bit dry. But overall it’s ok.

Curry was pretty fire. Custom veggies and all that again, and for the curry thing there was also potatoes. The custom spices they put off to the side was nice with like curry powder, turmeric, chili powder, cumin (idk im just guessing i forgot). Then the rice and naan they added was super cool. Decent nutrition except just plain naan and white rice. Yup and chocolate milk.

Treated myself again, this time with a cinnamon bun. Usual toast thing and carton milk, cause I think it might be more slightly worth it. Sometimes I would get nice pastries, unhealthy but tasty treat. I exercised most mornings, and I guess it might be ok.

Teriyaki experience also a classic. Sometimes undercooked carrots though. But nice since they have the white rice option. I would usually get chicken or beef option. A bit overpriced since portions are not that big, but still great for lunch I think. One relatively uncommon lunch.

Some random pasta and chicken thing for dinner, with chocolate milk. Casual veggie customization I think, and tomato sauce penne thing. With chicken as usual. As you see so far, usually dinners are at V1 thing once I get home, and lunches are on campus since studying there and classes and all.

Cereal, another rip off (everything’s a rip off if meal plan is not unlimited). But I was craving some, and vector was alright. High in sugar. With some sausage and toast stuff. It was ok. Usually my breakfasts with the toast and other hot protein with maybe something else extra like milk or cereal or pastry.

Another falafel pita. It was ok. I had falafel cause got it first day and it seemed nice.

Striploin casual dinner stuff. Not sure when. But it was the behind the counter rip off small portion thing. Meat was ok I think, not sure. Veggies were potato carrot casual stuff with seasoned stuff.

i guess french toast instead of regular toast, and the protein was beans today, probably since the other option was eggs and nothing else. Casual breakfast.

Another casual subway day. BMT was cheap. Low nutrition relatively speaking, but still filled me up. A rip off as usual since lettuce.

Back from Thanksgiving reading days and got this random stir fry thing. 99% of the time the stir fry thing would be chicken as the protein. Looking back, I did not eat too much for dinner. I was looking out for my meal plan money. Though I ended up with quite a bit of leftovers towards the end of the year.

Another casual breakfast. Got oats this time. It was ok? White milk for a change. Protein was the usual ham or baked beans (aka canned tomato bean heinz thing).

Cold cut cheap thing usual lunch. Just getting enough veggies and all. Usual would sit alone SLC playing clash royale or something waiting for next class and all.

Soup noodles once a week usually, at the custom veggie thing. It was ok. Just casual customization which was literally the same thing every day except modification in carb and slight modification in veggie. Only thing that changed is the sauce basically. Not a big fan of this one cas normal.

Another casual breakfast. Relatively low nutrition. Looking back, no wonder my fitness didn’t get nice much in first year, especially since I am not eating too much.

Decided to treat myself again I guess. Just casual stuff.

Oh yeah custom veggie stuff would have pierogi plate sometimes, like maybe every other week. Pretty cool since cheese and bacon bits added on. But overall not too high in carbs and decent nutrition, but not. that nice. Flavor was ok.

Another changeup, basically got a danish, no ‘protein thing’. I think the choose 3 or 4 option for the hot breakfast thing was a rip off so I would get just toast. White bread a bit destruction. I wish I liked eggs since the custom omelette option was really nice, basically like the custom veggie thing for dinner.

I think at some point I asked a minor sauce reduction for dinner. Cause sometimes way too much flavor at once not the best. So I think that was it above. Sweet chili cause in this typical rice stir fry always pretty nice. Chicken as always. Just ok.

Treated myself with apple pie. Lol. So trash breakfast, and so normal same every day trash. But yeah.

I think this was a weekend lunch. Dumplings were ok. So trash price and option stuff lol. Smoothie huge rip off but ok in taste, and I would start getting one every morning to get lots of fruits into my body (in addition to the one I eat at night from home stuff). Weekend Saturday lunches were ok. Pretty trash rip off though.

The grilled chicken wrap section pretty cool though. Liked the veggie green wrap. Grilled chicken seems ok. I don’t add any sauce and all. Nutrition seems to be nice. Still a rip off. Not the best topping selection. But it is ok.

That is it for the first part. Part 2 here.