Waterloo 1A V1 Food Stuff (final part)

Stanley Wongus
4 min readOct 1, 2020

Previous part here. Hopefully this is the last one.

Hmm. Random snack. Another convenience store quick relative cheap meal trash stuff. But ok in taste and all. Seems decent I guess and discount. But overall ok.

Just putting this photo in here cause I found it too. Cool course selection.

Typical late night meal when they stop serving food and the custom veg place and hot food behind counter. Both took like 20 minutes to make cause trash. Nutrition trash. But pretty nice carbs lol. Trash.

Food behind counter thing again. Decent I guess. Lots of flavor.

Late night dinner probably since it’s not usual stuff. Subbed a wrap for a slightly cheaper ham and cheese lol. Peep fake cheese again.

Huh. Something different. Don’t remember. Maybe got the meat option teriyaki experience. Seems decently tasty.

Now first time Kismet. Approaching end of term finally. I think this was chicken tikka spicy stuff. Yeah nice place for first year. Cool stuff overall. Not the best in nutrition, but cool experience with spicy food and flavor.

Yup, nice stuff. Looking back, the naan was not that nice since not super puffy and stuff. But still pretty nice overall for gripping the food stuffs.

Ok seems like I also took photos for 1B. Hopefully it’s less.

Yeah usual stuff again winter now.

Think there was butter chicken last year but didn’t take any pics. But I remember this was semi decent Western butter chicken (cafeteria style basically and not super authentic and all), but still pretty nice overall. Decent amount of carbs and food groups. But overall decent. Probably like $15 meal plan though.

Throwback to this lol. Just putting it here cause random.

Ok now it was steak dinner thing. Obvious rip off lol. Decent seasoning stuff? Just plain casual veggies and rice. Overall trash. I guess I was way too used to the custom veggie stuff from last term to order again? I think I also went out with friends for meals more often these days too. Wow yeah I made a lot of friends towards the end of 1A cool.

Casual Saturday lunch (as you can tell from lighting and wrap lol). Saturday lunch options usually trash cause still omelette time and like the made food behind counter options were rip off trash like dumplings.

Oh yeah crazy exam stuff. But last day of stuff I wanted nice. Went to burger king with friends first which was destruction since I kind of went all out and also got fries and burger stuff.

Then went back and wanted to finally do something on my mini bucket list. And that was to order as much food as I can. And I did. Jokes. I did not finish all of it. Feels bad. It was like over $30 at the end, and yeah. I guess that is it for cafeteria food in my first year of university.

Overall nutrition was trash. I do not eat too much since portions not as nice and I was a cheapskate. But still nice.

Great finally done writing this.