Top 3 Granola I’ve Had

Been eating granola almost every day for the last year

Stanley Wongus
3 min readJun 24, 2021

Something that I have always wanted to do for over a year now is to make granola, since it is quite simple to do at home. We have oats, nuts, seeds, and decent sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup to probably make some nice high quality homemade granola. Except I have been very lazy so that did not happen.

A video I made last year on my breakfast! Yum!

Hence, I have purchased quite a lot of granola over the last year, since I go through those things quite quickly. For reference, I have it almost every morning; I combine it with some nice Greek yogurt and defrosted berries for something sweet, smooth, (semi) nutritious, and flavorful. Something that gives me tons of energy and fills me up very well for the morning!

Since I have tasted quite a lot of different granolas, from sprouted, (semi) cheap, expensive, nut-free, etc., I feel like now is the right time to do a quick description of the top 3 I have had.

3. Nature’s Path

I have enjoyed Nature’s Path quite a bit. It is nice since it is organic, and relatively cheap compared to numerous other options that I have had. Occasionally, it is on sale which is nice. It is quite crunchy, but sometimes the bits are a bit too big for my liking (but still nice overall). Quite a lot of flavors as well. It uses sunflower oil or something like that, and cane sugar (or some sweetener that is not the best). But still a nice reliable choice that I see in quite a few places which is nice and accessible.

2. Farmers we Know

Sometimes this is on sale at the Whole Foods I go to, which is nice and I grab a bunch. This might be the one I spent the most money on over the last year. Generally, it had pretty good ingredients, sprouted oats is always a plus, and the flavors are pretty solid overall. The granola are in bits, and there are no nuts or anything in them (which I do miss sometimes). A very solid choice for me, and it’s more of the mini-oat style type of granola rather than chunky ones from other brands. Overall, I like it a lot. Cane sugar/sunflower oil is not the best, but I like this brand overall since everything seems to be sourced pretty nicely.

1. Rawcology

I only purchased this once, only most recently, and I have been loooooving it! It was a few dollars off when I got it at Whole Foods a month ago, and it is still quite expensive. However, it is organic, and the ingredients overall are very nice and high quality. No refined sugars since it uses coconut sugar (nice). The flavor options are really solid, and I enjoy the ingredients overall. Having some nuts in it would indeed make it a lot nicer. Some parts of it is chunky which is alright. The oil it uses is coconut oil. So obviously super high quality ingredients; its taste is solid, nice nutrition, and overall my favorite.

So that is my ranking for now (June 2021). I am not sure if I will continue having granola/yogurt (along with the usual nut butter + toast) every morning for the rest of my life (or next few years). But overall it has been a great run so far. Still loving this breakfast choice, and can’t wait to hopefully make some homemade granola one day!