Swiss Chalet Festive Family Special!

Take out for last night’s dinner! Great deal!

Stanley Wongus
3 min readDec 6, 2020

As the time nears Christmas, a lot of bigger restaurant chains will start to roll out new promotions and specials that are Winter-themed, and this year is no different, despite the circumstances!

Swiss Chalet has their new Festive Favorites, where it is basically the same meal as before, but with some unique add-ons! My family got some for take out last night (usually once every few weeks), and we got the Festive Family Feast®. When we usually get Swiss Chalet takeout (a few times each year), we would get the family option, where there is like 4 quarter chicken, 4 sides, 4 bread rolls.

The Festive Family Feast is basically the same thing, except the price tag is slightly increased with a few more Festive add-ons!

From the Swiss Chalet website.

The add-ons were that each person (4) get a small cranberry sauce side, and a box of 5 Lindor chocolates. Also a stuffing side was added to the four sides. And each person (4) got a $10 voucher. Though the voucher cannot be combined with other promotions and it can only be valid after Christmas to the beginning of February (six weeks total), which is not that nice since our family will probably only use it one time, so there might be extra vouchers.

The price (depending on location) will be around $45CAD. There can be some other discounts, Scene Card options, and other stuff in checkout. But a relatively simple order to place.

What we Got

So this time, we got four quarters (not the whole, we asked for it sliced up to 4 quarters individually). The sides were coleslaw, 2 baked potato, and a Chalet-seasoned fries. The rolls were all multigrain. And that’s basically the order. It was quite intuitive online.

The order (cooked some additional veggies on the side)

So after opening it up, we got what we ordered. The Chalet sauce was the usual, and so was everything else. I would assume the stuffing is possibly store bought/microwaved/instant since it did not have the best quality, but it was still the usual salty slightly soggy bread stuff. The Chalet seasoned fries were something new that I have not tried before (since there was also regular fries on the menu).

These fries were very nice actually. I am quite a fan of their regular fries in the past, since it was decently seasoned, a bit soggy, and nice flavor, relative to the usual fries (I am a big fan of almost all fries in general to be fair, since I like potatoes). However, they added their special Chalet seasoning, which mirrors the Chalet sauce a lot! It was very surprising how the usual thick liquidy Chalet sauce’s flavor can be partially injected into these fries, but these fries were a great one-time thing to try. The seasoning was great, not overpowering, and overall, these were very nice fries since the nostalgic Chalet flavor was in it.

Aside from that, the rotisserie chicken was nice, no complaints about that relative to normal. The chocolates all came, and so did the vouchers.

Overall, I have no complaints about this meal. A decently priced meal in 2020 that can be consumed for dinner, and a bit customizable with the sides as well! Not super ‘festive’ relatively speaking compared to our usual order, but the additional sides and the addition of the chocolates and vouchers makes it nice to try if you sometimes crave some Swiss Chalet dinners!