Start of a new school term

Stanley Wongus
5 min readSep 10, 2020



After making a bunch of posts on this medium, I may be taking a brief hiatus because of a school term starting again. Maybe I will post from time to time when I have time or immediate thoughts that might be cool.

But this term is a real term, much more challenging than last term, many more tasks to be busy with every day as well, with new goals. A lot of new changes, and all at home still!

Last term Brief Reflection

I ran a lot which was nice. That was until my knee went weird. Still a bit off to this day (almost 2 months), but getting a bit better. Now my shin is a bit weird instead. Not the best recovery as I’d hope.

But I peaked at around a 95 mile week. From May to mid/end July, it was a very very very cool routine morning runs mostly. Some weeks had a nice amount of doubles. This high mileage process started being nice around March, when I felt fully good from my previous injury after December 2019 marathon. So many cool morning sessions, especially listening to music almost all the time. Routes were not the most creative, but it was so fun.

Starting in June I cubed so much too! Lowered my 4x4 average from above 1 minute to low 40 seconds. Also now average low-mid 11 seconds for 3x3. Very solid improvement, though I kind of wanted sub 10 second average — not really willing to put all that time in though.

School was nice. Unexpectedly got over 87 average, taking like 7 courses. From all the running and all the other commitments I had, I did not care too much about school, especially the amount of ‘easier’ courses I decided to take. Did not take much too seriously, but ended up with ok marks at the end which was surprising.

Also did a lot of making food and cooking throughout. Took a brief 2 week break in July. But overall it was nice. Made a lot. Taco/Mexican Sundays were the best, especially after all the long runs! So cool to have it for lunch, very tasty and positive! But foods overall were nice.

Went to Costco around once a week, and some other local places once to twice a week for nice shopping for cool stuff. Also went to Whole Foods quite a few times as well which was fun. Weekly visits in August basically, as I decided to fully commit to going.

Part of why I was slightly injured was because up to June, I did quite a few strength session trainings, but towards my injury period, I reduced it. And my right knee had some problems. Another issue was that I sat down a lot, especially towards June and July. School ramped up a bit, but also speedcubing practice were like super long sessions, hours long. Though I had improvement, I was sitting so much for it. The problem was fixed at the end of July, when I obtained the Ikea Idasen. Now I basically almost always stand up for everything.

Is that good? Maybe not since blood flow not the best if I am standing still. But I try to move around a bit from time to time. But I don’t sit much these days. Hopefully that will help me in the future.

I also biked a lot (indoor) since the injury. Pretty fun, I watched lots of Youtube videos during that. Started with like different food channels from Smart TV thing which was cool, while listening to music — Taylor Swift’s Folklore album came out during that time which was awesome! Then it was beyblade/bakugan/Yugioh anime. Watched a lot on the TV while biking. Then it was Yugioh and Pokemon card stuff which was throwback, and tingling my senses a bit to possibly do unboxing videos?

Well starting like end of July, I also started doing content creating a lot. Youtube and Medium mostly. Documented a lot of reviews of random things in my room and stuff, as well as some food stuff which was fun. Also some recordings and stuff of me playing games online, like really random ones which were troll. Personal best of like over 15 videos uploaded in one day which was cool. I also took a look at my old Google photos and seemed like cool throwback, so I documented my thought process through each of those pictures and experiences, and my life at those moments, which was cool and fun. 41 parts in total!

I also released my debut album Magenta Grapvines. I spent a lot of time on it. Well did I? That’s what I said. I said that it was a long project, especially spent a lot of time during COVID self isolation and all that. And I did indeed use some songs in the past to hit 12 songs which was a nice amount, since I wrote a lot of old lyrics and snippet ideas, as well as some (partially) completed beats. But I still made a lot of cool new stuff. It’s fun. Overall, this was another nice highlight of the summer.

I also started bullet journaling in an actual journal book — cool stuff, so far I’m doing well? My sleep schedule was weird. But overall it was fun. Did a lot. A lot. A lot more stuff, but I’ll leave it here.

Goals for this term

So this term I’m taking 7 courses. BIOL266 should be slightly light. Not too worried. BIOL469 should be a bit more complex. Group project. But not super hard, just need to put the time in. CHEM264 is hard. Very hard. Need to focus a lot on this. Very worried about this. If I fail this, no chemistry minor, and all the stress and work of this term will not result in a chemistry minor. CHEM220 should be a bit lighter. But a lot of reading needed? BIOL130L is online lab, and should not be super hard. Just don’t be dumb and don’t mess up. CS449 should be time consuming but not too hard. Group project. Hopefully it will be fun and not too hard. ENGL119 should be a bit time consuming with group project. But should not be super hard, not too many essays or anything.

I just want to pass them all a bit comfortably.

Also G driving test, hopefully I will commit to practicing a lot in September. And I can reschedule nicely since apparently it is the same time as a CHEM220 midterm (grimace). Hopefully it will work out fine.

Also just casual busy stuff Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. I want to commit to this all term long. It’s just around 9:30 to 1:30. Should not be too bad, since it is good to de-stress and keep my mind on other stuff, completely offline. Just want to commit, as it will benefit others too.

Also exercise, I want to get up to mileage of almost-summer mode. Want to establish a nice schedule, so hard to sleep on time! I want to sleep before 10! Wake up early for a fun musical morning run! Then some strength or other cardio in afternoon! Yeah, hopefully I can slowly build up to it. Want to recover from this and not get super hurt later on this term. Get up to 50ish MPW by end of October? Hopefully that’s the pessimistic goal.

Finally, I want to make a lot of food still. I would do it if I am living outside home. Then I can do it now too. Hopefully newer stuff too. And keep tacos on Sunday! Maybe come out with some songs when appropriate, like Christmas. We’ll see.

So I guess that’s it for now. My past reflection, and current goals.



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