Start of a new school term


After making a bunch of posts on this medium, I may be taking a brief hiatus because of a school term starting again. Maybe I will post from time to time when I have time or immediate thoughts that might be cool.

Last term Brief Reflection

I ran a lot which was nice. That was until my knee went weird. Still a bit off to this day (almost 2 months), but getting a bit better. Now my shin is a bit weird instead. Not the best recovery as I’d hope.

Goals for this term

So this term I’m taking 7 courses. BIOL266 should be slightly light. Not too worried. BIOL469 should be a bit more complex. Group project. But not super hard, just need to put the time in. CHEM264 is hard. Very hard. Need to focus a lot on this. Very worried about this. If I fail this, no chemistry minor, and all the stress and work of this term will not result in a chemistry minor. CHEM220 should be a bit lighter. But a lot of reading needed? BIOL130L is online lab, and should not be super hard. Just don’t be dumb and don’t mess up. CS449 should be time consuming but not too hard. Group project. Hopefully it will be fun and not too hard. ENGL119 should be a bit time consuming with group project. But should not be super hard, not too many essays or anything.



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