Nike Pegasus 38 review

A different Pegasus feeling. But still the Pegasus reliability.

Stanley Wongus
3 min readJul 13, 2021


I have had used the Nike Pegasus shoes in the past, the 34s and 36s were my go to daily trainers over some training cycles in previous years. But I’m not the most diehard fan, having skipped the 37s since the infinity reacts we’re working pretty nice for me in the daily easy run category and I wanted to branch out to some other shoe models and brands. Of course I also had the Peg 35 shields and Pegasus trails. Those were solid options for casual running in worse conditions (such as winter).

from online image of the colorway I got

Seems like even number is the name of the game for me, since I decided to pick up the 38s last month. It looked very nice, it’s colour way and design seemed nicer than previous iterations. I got the black/white one since it looked mad nice. I was also excited to test out the react, since all previous Pegasus ones that I owned uses cushlon which was solid fwiw. Super reliable and responsive and could be used for literally almost every type of run. Jack of all trades type of thing.

Now after around 100 miles of running, I think I have a nice idea of how these shoes perform for me.

My first impressions of these shoes was that it was nicely padded and there seemed to be a bit more weight and cushioning compared to before. The outsole traction was similar to the super reliable and solid design of previous iterations. The upper mesh felt nice, fit well, and it seemed a bit more stretchy than previous versions. The lacing system seemed a bit awkward at the start. No more flywire, it was now these loops and the tongue seemed a bit awkward. But once everything got in and I laced up the shoes properly, it was a solid fit and feel, no complaints overall.

Running in these shoes felt very good. It did not feel like the 36s at all though. It seems a bit less ‘responsive’ since it did feel like a bit more work to get into tempo-ish pace. More comfortable paced felt nice though, I enjoyed the react cushioning and feel.

I have gone on runs up to the medium-long length (13 miles) in these shoes. It felt good in all distances, always enough cushioning, nothing felt off, just felt like another reliable pair of trainers.

Overall, these shoes are nice. Super reliable, and i think it will last a long time like the usual Pegasus shoes. This time though, I am not as confident to take these out on more intense workouts, but I will hopefully try these out on fartlek or other tempos. Maybe my body will adapt as more tempos go, but only time will tell. Though in conclusion, pegs are always a reliable purchase for me, relatively low risk, my body and feet feel solid in them!



Stanley Wongus