Stanley Wongus
5 min readMay 30, 2023

Well, I think yesterday or Saturday the title was supposed to be ‘One of the Worst Weeks of my life’ or something like that. Cause partially, a lot of things fell apart and nothing felt right.

But luckily, I was able to bounce back-ish on Memorial day…. wait so this is a new week?! So that title should still be valid, but at least since things are getting normalized a bit, I can look at the bright side more :)

On Sunday, it was a pretty good day in Hawaii. Went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay and got a bunch of nice underwater pics/videos.

However I got sunburnt badly and my back stung a ton. So yeah.

On Monday we watched a luau thing. It was okay, but my back hurt a lot and my throat was a bit itchy. It was probably a combination of the long duration in water, thanks to the 2 hourish snorkeling session and the day before I went bodyboarding for like a bunch. A lot of salt water and I guess not enough hydration.

Pretty fun, but still uncomfortable.

On Tuesday, it was mostly chill. The plane ride home was pretty clutch since I got saver fare and still got a window seat. Only got to sleep under 2 hours total though. Watched half of the first season of Ted Lasso which was solid.

Then got back home around 7 (used Lyft since had $50 credit thanks to Phoenix Suns thing lol) and went on a 4 mile run, then work the whole day basically. The day was fine, didn’t really consume caffeine and although was drowsy at times, it didn’t really feel like I only slept for 2 hours.

My throat was meh though. And I was basically eating chipotle every day since didn’t really cook much. Went to sleep around 8pm-ish which was nice. Oh yeah I also tested negative covid ye.

Thursday was pretty busy with work. Played a ranked flex game on Sion and thankfully got carried and won. Went to sleep at like 10ish and woke up at 2ish for some work stuff. Also got to listen to the new Midnights Til Dawn version, which I enjoyed the new Snow on the Beach a lot :)

So yeah was working a bit, then started morning run before dawn, so like before 4am, I think it’s the earliest morning run I’ve done ever! Got back, did a bit more work and random stuff.

Then went to work, and things were ok. But it was noticeable that our team worked a lot over the last few weeks (felt kinda bad since I was vacation for most of it rip), and considerate/supportive/thoughtful/caring happened and we got half day off, basically forced upon us.

So I got a haircut. Nothing special, just a 2ish inch trim. Recorded a Youtube video out of it and edited it a bit more than normal to troll going bald I guess.

Then went to sleep around 5am.

Then woke up around 3am and slacked off a ton. Then Rubik’s Cube competition and was able to meet up with Kelden since he lived 2 min away from the community center where that was happening. Finally got a sub-11 average in competition so was super excited; was close to making finals. Also skewb average PR. Overall solid considering I did 0 cubing in May lol.

For the 3x3 second round, Kelden wasn’t there but he left words of encouragement, which gave a nudge of ‘pressure’ that I really needed as well as motivation to do well to get top 20 I guess lol. I was kind of close, like 0.5 sec off. Maybe more sleep + practice would’ve helped? But at least I finally got that sub 12 average that round. Was visualizing You Belong With Me and Getaway Car in my head before the solves. Relatively speaking, the competition that I exceeded expectations was like 7 years ago, when I listened to Taylor Swift pre-solve to pump me up, so yeah it was a cool throwback strategy. Zero stakes since no practice, but it seemed like Kelden wanted me to do nice so Ye.

Sunday was a bit bad at the start, no volunteering; first time since September where I was in Seattle (without participating in any organized event ie running race) and didn’t volunteer — specifically Green Lake Litter Patrol :((((((((. Rationalized by wanting extra sleep and shadow mewtwo raids — which started yesterday but I missed cause cubing.

Well at least I got 4–3 on zoy2 and 1 on zoy. Got a nice 3-star 14 atk one which I guess is solid. Then did a ok afternoon run, then finally cooked something (chicken + potato). Things starting to go back to normal.

Went to sleep pre 8pm. So nice.

Some bad parts I didn’t mention: got baited starbucks star dash — 3 frappes for 80 stars, so got 1 on saturday and sunday.

I also had to blow my nose 10000000 times over the span, though Sunday was a bit better (and as I’m typing on Monday, it is much much better). And I guess throat was Ye beginning of week.

Waking up is ok, but my mental still isn’t that good yet in terms of getting out of bed.

Yeah scary hours during haircut/cubing cause kinda troll since some people mask and Ye still and I don’t wanna disrespect.

Overall, spent a lot of money on meals during weekdays since still felt off cause sinus being trash. And sleep schedule weird. And still slacking off on content creation.

Also got daily runs in all the time :) — new year’s resolution still intact!

P.S. — Monday was nice ‘getting back to normal’ ish. Did 12 mile solid new explore Ballard Locks-ish run. Woke up like 4 but slacked for like 3 hours rip, need to wake up and get up asapppp stratssss. Then bunch of groceries, cooked more, Ye. And typing this out. First medium post in a while.