New Journey?

Stanley Wongus
2 min readApr 8, 2024

Obviously, from previous posts and random thoughts in my head, I do need to do something new, or do something new and meaningful I guess. Life is blah. Lots of awesome cool stuff; won’t mind being stuck in this time loop living my dream basically, but also there’s a thousand more things too idkkkkkkk.

There was a temporary thing / thought from a few weeks ago to seriously improve and learn the game of TFT (teamfight tactics) better — it’s a bit like chess/card game thing. A lot of strategy, no need for league of legends mechanics.

Since a lot of my friends were high level, I would train on my own, watch a lot of guides, etc. Basically don’t play with them until I am at their level/better than them. A decent idea, but at the end, didn’t seem feel like it’s worth it. I can have fun without doing that.

So that is not really a journey for me (quit after a day lol — well I mean the ‘idea’ stopped after a day, I’ve played TFT in years prior for jokes). However it seems like I’m on a new one, or exploring/learning. And that is Islam.

Not sure why, but I liked learning about other religions and stuff. And Islam is interesting since I do know some people who practice it. And I’ve learned things about it in the past. I guess some words and expressions too. And I guess they want me to start the journey? It’s a bit funny. But also, something is somewhat drawing me to it?

Like I guess the best way to learn more about it is to practice it. I’m still pretty neutral overall. But learning some parts of it is cool. I won’t 0–100 into it, I’ll take small steps at a time to see if it’s right for me. Though it seems like a ‘side’ thing at the moment, like this isn’t some divine intervention new purpose of life kind of thing. It can change though I guess.

Still eating un-halal meat. Just saying Astaghfirullah before. Though my usual habits of cutting out red meat shall continue (hopefully more strictly). Starting to make Duas. But there’s so much to learn; slightly overwhelming since a lot is in a different language too. But we’ll see how far this journey will go. Can be lifelong, can be a short stint (like so many other things in my life rip). Downloaded some apps, and have some great supportive friends/colleagues too to reference/learn from.

But yeah. Inshallah.