My Weekday Routine (Winter 2021)

So as my internship came to a close a few days ago, there was a little bit to reflect on, and share with the world. My daily routine is one of them. Although it changed quite a bit since the beginning of the internship, I will try to go over as many consistent factors as possible, and maybe go over some of the changes. It was a great internship, and a great daily routine!

Wake Up

Waking up is quite simple, around 6AM every day.

(During March/ April) I then would open the work laptop and start checking stuff, such as JIRA board, updates from QA, and seeing if I screwed anything up in general. Since I ended work earlier than the other devs/QA due to timezone stuff, there may be some issues that I might want to address ASAP. Then I may code a bit or work on some tickets since progress is cool.

I then go on the morning run, listening to evermore from top to bottom of course (so usually ≥ 1 hour), then come home and do some cooldown drills, foam rolling, calisthenics (occasionally do strength workout and exercise bike downstairs).

I would then shower, then prepare breakfast (few slices of toast with peanut butter and hemp seeds + defrosted berries with greek yogurt (sometimes coconut/oat-based) and granola). I will eat breakfast while checking work stuff on the work laptop, reading news, coding, etc.

Then I go back to my room and do work.

On most days, I would be hungry before lunch, so I would go out to the kitchen and eat either a lindt chocolate (since there was a huge box from christmas) or a lot of Que Pasa tortilla chips (since my parents bought a lot for some reason). Super unhealthy, but tasted pretty nice!

addicted to these

I would go back to work, then around 12:30ish, lunch would be ready and I would eat lunch, then get back to work. Then some time in the afternoon, I would be hungry again. I would eat snack of either Lindt chocolate or the Que Pasa chips (whatever I didn’t have for the morning snack).


I would then go back to work.

Of course I take some random other breaks throughout the day to check my phone and stuff, and just walk to the living room, then back to my bedroom, where I worked.

Then I would go to kitchen and eat dinner.

Then I would probably finish off work and such, and get in a few games of League of Legends, which is alright.

In January and February, I would exercise a 2nd time, this time around 30–60 min of exercise biking!

In the latter months, I would slack off on some random stuff, or work on some videos for work or something like that.

And then go to sleep I think?

Overall this is my daily routine during work days for Winter 2021. Some changes over the term so not really a ‘routine’. But overall, this is the main structure of most of my days. Pretty fun overall, though I would wish there was more exercise and stuff in here!



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