My Typical Breakfast — Fall 2020

Stanley Wongus
4 min readNov 25, 2020


I will probably write a post in the future describing some events in 2020, the phases of the year, and more other details. But for this post, I will just detail my go-to breakfast, which happens every morning, usually after exercising. I also usually exercise on an empty stomach or maybe a energy bar or something small.

The main base for the breakfast is Greek Yogurt. Strained, with nice protein and fat value. I tried buying organic (Costco and other grocery stores that are on sale). Usually it is the Liberte brand. I like 5% fat the most, though Costco is not as nice since it is 0% fat organic. I found some nice sales of Oikos 3% organic for a nice tub for $4. But usually, it is liberte organic 2% fat organic greek yogurt, or 5% fat regular greek yogurt. All of them plain of course…

Nice Fats

…since I usually add in defrosted frozen berries! Although sometimes I will combine with a bit of fresh berries if it is available in the house, usually it would be defrosted frozen ones.

very sweet and yummy

When they defrost, combined with yogurt, a lot of nice juices comes out and it tastes so good — that’s why plain yogurt is so nice. The berries also have a nice texture. So delicious, and pretty decent in nutrition when combined with yogurt. The frozen berries are usually organic, and from Costco!

Then, to top it off, some Granola is added. These are the typical granola (with oats). I mostly used the One Degree organic foods one. They had very nice flavors and a really big discount on Whole Foods like two times over this season.

Very nice on yogurt

I usually top off the yogurt and berry mixture with some granola. I know that some sweeteners are added to granola which is not as nice, but I guess that’s a ‘cheat’. But overall they add a crunch, some extra carbs and other nutrients since I got a few of the different flavor varieties with different seeds and all.

I combine the yogurt-fruit-granola mixture with two slices of toast with peanut butter with hemp seeds on top. Sometimes it would be one slice, or three slices, depending on situation.

Organic Sprouted Bread

For most of this season, the bread used was organic sprouted bread from Costco — very nice nutrients, and pretty nice price. Whole Foods had a nice 2.50 per loaf for like a few weeks, so I was able to snag a few other kinds during that time. But overall, this toast was nice and nutritious.

Some other breads used were some random nice ones with whole grains and seeds and other nice nutrients. Then I only used peanut butter this term. Despite almond butter being used a bit over the summer (did not write a post about food I had in the past though, not sure if I will), it was mostly usual peanut butter this term.

Not bad

It was the Kraft one mostly, and of course it was the only peanuts one since I don’t like having add oils or all in the peanut butter. It was nice. Only got smooth this term though. Also used like a jug of the Costco peanut butter too. Very tasty overall, though I may try different nut and seed butters in the future or end of this term.

Finally, I would sprinkle some hemp seeds on the peanut buttered toast. Not too much, but not too little. Then voila, a very nice and delicious and nice nutrition toast thing.

Overall, I would eat the toast first, since the seeds would fall off the bread and such, then I would scrape them to the bowl of granola and yogurt and fruit mixture, where no nutrients will go to waste! I did not drink milk or such since the yogurt and fruits provided nice moisture and calcium or whatnot. I would drink some water after eating breakfast though.

Overall, this breakfast is very enjoyable. A lot of food, a lot of nutrients that refuels my body. The toast was ‘salty’ and crunchy, while the yogurt part was sweet, smooth, and satisfying to finish. This breakfast gave me nice enough energy to power through the day! Sometimes I would not sleep as much, but I still feel energized throughout the day. This breakfast I think is a component to that!



Stanley Wongus