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My Most Useful Tool in University (So Far)

One of the most powerful, easy to use websites ever!

Stanley Wongus
3 min readDec 24, 2020


So in terms of school terms, I am almost done University. I have completed seven school terms so far, as a Computer Science student (pursuing a Biology Minor as well). I have completed three internships (all software related), and will be heading onto my fourth.

But throughout all many of my school or work terms, there were many times where I needed to write long essays or paragraphs. Sometimes for research papers, sometimes for mandatory English classes, and the list goes on. However, I am not a person who is particularly strong with English, and in particular, specific writing habits and all that. My grammar skills are pretty bad, and a lot of my writing can be filled with simple and careless errors. When you factor in my typing speed of over 100 WPM, my brain is going at a pace that cannot let it process too much grammar overall.

That is why Grammarly is the most useful tool I have used in university by far!!!!!! You may have seen so many different ads online about it, but trying it out and using it myself for so many different assignments, has really helped me out so many times! It is basically the grammar checker in Microsoft Word (or Google Docs) on steroids!

General Homepage UI

The UI is very material, modern, attractive, and simple to use. Creating a new document, then copy and pasting everything into the text editor sub interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

The alerts that are provided, as well as the different types of errors and customization of writing style to check for specific errors (and its leniencies) is very helpful, useful, and more.

Overall, I of course proofread my work. But Grammarly is very nice and useful to use in a hurry, and as a frontline defence against bad grammar. It helps me out and gives me a confidence boost when writing long pieces of English work that requires good grammar and communication skills, since I am not much of a sophisticated writer myself.

The scoring system is a bit different, and there are many different indicators of what to improve on. There are even more things you can customize and correct when ‘Premium’ mode is purchased. However, for my usage of Grammarly, it is just for simple grammar checking at a great speed and ease.

The interface is very light, and loads quickly, just like most other websites. Pasting a few paragraphs at a time, with my checking requirements, will produce the Grammarly results very quickly (only a few seconds instantly). Copy and pasting will not change formatting too much (font stays the same on my other text editing software), so it is very convenient. Overall, for my purposes of usage, I only need this app/website to do very very quick checks. This website is simply a pleasure to use. Very easy, and fast, and is seamless with my workflow — open the website, copy the paragraph, create a new Grammarly entry, paste the paragraph, fix applicable errors, copy and paste it back. Very very easy to use and very very fast, when you know how to use it (very easy). Hard to emphasize this enough! I love using it, and I will continue to do so!