My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 4)

Part 3

July 2014 [Part 1]: Cali Trees

So stayed for like a day or so then we got on a tour. Basically it’s to the decently nice Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. Took A BUNCH of photos for some reason. Even though phone camera trash, also got a lot of panoramas lol. Somehow I’ve been pretty obsessed with this feature for some reason.

I think here’s half dome. It’s nice.

This was some random other nice rocks and Ye. I don’t recall too much of this rip.

Some other nice

It was a sunny day so I guess everything’s nice. Just a bunch of walking around and taking pics and stuff. Nothing too special but sightseeing stuff lol.

Got this nice pic though. Got a nice video on the way out, in the tour bus. Also nice sunset

Ok; next day was like gas station/stop thing? Don’t remember where this is

All I really see is the chevron sign. Probably nothing of significance (though no idea why I took a bunch of pictures and panoramas lol)

Think we are around nevada area now cause bunch of desert and solitude. Also bunch of wind turbine stuff.

Stopped by an outlet mall. Left pics idk why I took them. Was barely materialistic at all (mentioned in previous parts) so I did not care at all about clothes and stuff, so this stop was basically super solitude.

More super solitude in the desert highway. I guess took those pics since I might not see those things again.

Finally made it to Las Vegas. Basically a bunch of buildings in the desert.

NO idea why I got the speed limit pics.

Dinner stop was buffet I think and I guess the frozen yogurt Ye looks like poop so I took a pic of it.

No idea why I took these photos but I guess we were just entering nice urban stuff. Passed by an airport?

Ye destruction traffic jam and MGM Ye.

Passed by the pyramid Ye. noticed that there’s bunch of world structure mini Ye here.

Las Vegas Blvd

Ye. Hotel and stuff Ye looks nice from this angle ngl

We stayed at the excalibur hotel. Have to walk through casino to get to elevator to room lol. Smells like cigarettes and Ye. Was so destruction.

Took a panorama of our room view. Basically trasheon lol

Monte Carlo and nice building Ye.

Other nice stuff we passed by before evening thing.

Think this was like indoor Venice or some Ye. There was also some water show in the fountain Ye. Also a Nike store? Don’t remember much except for the indoor city.

Ye it was a indoor water show thing. Probably about Poseidon or some Ye.

Some indoor walking in some building.

Ye the indoor city. Felt a bit surreal cause fake sky and stuff.

Some other pics of the Ye.

Guess this is the other indoor part of the building. Looks nice

Back to the indoor city Ye. Think this was some random show thing. Maybe middle guy is Caesar idk.

Went back to bus I think before nighttime Ye. Some ads.

Ye Eiffel Tower.

Then we went inside this random building. Nice looking flower ceiling thing.

Took a bunch of panoramas and Ye. Took a bunch of pics throughout this trip but I think I was mostly bored.

Random fountain idk.

I think this was a indoor nature Ye. No idea though.

Think I took these nice when waiting for bellagio water show thing outdoor.

Ye I think everyone was really hyped for the water show fountain thing. Think I was bored throughout the trip lol no idea what’s so nice.

Some building and pic stuff.

Then went to this random place with a bunch of outdoor ceiling Ye. Bunch of nude people iirc lol.

Next day was Grand Canyon.

But first we visited this random Ranch thing lol. Might have some historic meaning but likely taken advantage to sell Ye.

Grand Canyon Ye. A lot of walking done. Looks nice I guess.

Took a bunch of pics vids and of course, panoramas! Overall solitude, but still took pics just cause I’m vacation.

Ye even took a few selfies.

lmao I actually took a lot of pics

Think we had to pay. And I think I didn’t feel like doing the helicopter thing. Meh.

Ye. I guess lived up to hype cause looked nice. But still solitude since it was a few hours in hot Ye.

Random pics took in bus. Used filter for the left ones for some reason, liked the reverse colour Ye. Also throwback to nice reebok shoes that I mained end of grade 9-grade 10. Pretty nice, and 8th place Ye wolverine run.

Now it’s hoover dam Ye. No idea what’s the big deal lol but I still took a bunch of pics.

Ye took bunch of pics inside and outside of bus.

Ye then it was back to solitude. Think something in bus broke down so it was like a few hours destruction waiting for something to fix.

Took bunch of random pics along the route I think

Ye back to hotel. Took a few panorama of room and video of room randomly. Also screenshot the cyanide and happiness banana in pants thing.

Took a few screenshots of phone for some reason. Cool throwback to trasheon phone. Jokes note about how Spain got destroyed in world cup. Also nice widgets for Music and calendar. Throwback when I listened to NHL video game soundtrack rock/metal Ye. Also nice piano tiles lol.

Ye breakfast biscuit independence day 2014. Also next day some random video of arguing in bedroom with parents. Also got a ceiling pic?

Saw this carmelo anthony quote. idk if it’s even by him but it’s him in the background. was nice and motivational so screenshot it. thinking about it, this is pretty motivational over the years. doesn’t really get old.

Visited other Aunt’s (mom’s side) house and got this random pic

Visited golden gate bridge I think and also got these pics. No pics of the actual bridge???? no idea. City looks nice though, not sure if that’s SF or oakland.

I guess that’s it for the vacation pics. Basically took up almost half this month.

Part 5 here.