My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 38)

Part 37

June 2019: Running, job

Still going back to Toronto like every other week still nice. So went back first weekend June iirc.

Went nice agincourt and saw nice Thanos cutout Ye lol. Then I think this random chinese Ye back in waterloo for noodles or something like that. Then nice video of icon chief crossover moves or something. Got new pair of turbos (nice women’s model sale) since peg 34’s completely out, so now I can rotate between 3 nice.

So next week was nice saturday long run as usual. Went pretty south west to ottawa road construction Ye destruction since stepped in wet Ye muddy stuff and got shoes super destruction. But then made nice lunch poke bowl thing of brown rice mango avocado spicy tuna can super nice and Ye. Then usual post long run icon basketball nice clip Ye.

A bunch of 251 photos and stuff, also random shoe thing camouflage photo.

Then nice midterm destruction towards the last week of the month, since like 3 midterms in 2 days or something dumb like that. Also big choke 370 midterm, and jokes cheat sheet photos stuff lol.

Forgot for write that I got an okay amount of interviews relative to previous term, and got nice Ye Austin Texas. Not the most ideal at that time, as California would sound nicer, but Texas nice since new place and Ye. Not the biggest company, but still nice USA stuff overall Ye.

Then Ye graduation stuff, then drove back for classes for a day?

Random stat notes photos stuff. Then it was Canada day long weekend afterwards. Overall it was nice. June was nice. A lot more running, new shoes, also I think I got tiny bit Ye injured after basketball and running a lot, but it just took a slight mileage reduction week and it was back to nice. Also got a nice job so Ye. Also nice food. Starting to bring nice avocado stuff from home every time.

July 2019: Running and Icon Living

So Canada day long weekend was pretty nice with cousins and stuff I guess. Then went back like a day earlier and Ye’d at icon a bit nice finesse 251 stuff for the worksheets.

Also started running a lot more as I am hitting around 70 more consistently I think. Ye and most of my photos this term was 251 worksheet stuff.

Started running a lot along King st upwards each morning, good memories of the pre 6am alarm grind so nice. Nice passing by Google and stuff like that, only did the mini coding Ye, but didn’t get any farther than that rip. But still really nice runs since weather nice most of the time.

More 251 stuff, and some 240 stuff now since im lazy for latex and Ye.

So overall everything nice. And doing 830 class every morning nice as I liked to move stuff around and finish early. It’s nicer to get stuff over with. Basketball was decent i guess.

Next weekend nice with cora uptown waterloo nice Ye with genesys Ye nice stuff. Very delicious. Also throwback nice grind on weekends in the tutorial center cause nice. But still slack off and Ye. Then nice eevee thing, and buying the fila disruptor Ye joke stuff. Then went home and got korean chicken bulgogi I think Ye pretty nice. Oh yeah Pokemon go grind was very nice as well, played a lot and stuff over these last few months and nice raids and stuff with Ye.

Nice Icon stuff regarding 241 marmoset Ye. Troll and annoying course and nice to Ye with friends to icon song for passing tests clips.

Then more 251 stuff and stuff

Ye then more stuff and 241 and some of 370 I think idk. Ye 370 was really fun with python.

More icon videos in conclusion to this. Also this month went to 1102 a lot to play smash cause so nice and nice ganon main lol jokes. Overall was super fun switch and stuff at icon. And of course more 251 stuff. 241 was really annoying and stuff jokes plagiarism stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Nice caruso jokes after seeing kawhi and PG clippers Ye trade. And magnolia random stuff during super long 23 mile run Ye. That was a really long run with no water and 2 gels, overall super sore and destruction. Hurt a lot and a lot of farmland solitude. But overall nice. Went over 80 miles on the week.

Then also met housing mates Ye coop stuff and paying house stuff.

Random cyanide and happiness stuff as well rip.

So that’s it for July, Ye getting a bit lazy with writing about stuff, but did a lot of running this month, finishing up final assignments and stuff, and still on the grind every day pre 6am nice. Nice icon stuff as well. Great exercise, and nice everything overall.

Part 39 here.



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