My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 36)

Part 35

March 2019: New Watch, Lots of Food, Singing, Turbo, Bubble Tea — a lot of stuff, basically

Then got nice noodles. i dont remember where, maybe magic noodle or something? It was decent nice. Also went another winter run nice. I think I took photos every weekend cause I ran decently? Then super nice chipotle bowl. During this time I kept getting the bowl since it was nice and non messy and I can add extra stuff and it won’t explode or anything like that. Also got nice goat drink from shepherd so nice. I think watched nice how to train your dragon 3 dbox, which is nice with roji.

Then nice party cause Ye bday and stuff, really nice food, and played smash at his house. I was garbage of course, but still nice overall. Also nice avocado toast stuff for breakfast next day so nice. I think i was starting to try out almond milk and Ye.

Then it’s either next weekend or something, but got nice spicy ramen nice again. Too lit. Then made nice sushi with mom for the potluck Ye. It was nice overall, cool food and stuff.

I guess at this time even though kind of cold, I still ran after work after arriving home which was pretty nice. Took videos of nice karaoke and Ye. Super troll and stuff. Also nice ubereats nice and stuff cause work and nice bubble tea run to the alley.

So Ye still got bubble tea, I was giving in to temptations and Ye so jokes lol. But still nice to try different place bubble tea and stuff.

Overall nice, like around 4 miles-ish after work, still very constant mornings of around 40 minutes biking. Nice gatorade and stuff too to keep me energized.

Next march weekend and Ye. Started wearing epic reacts and stuff during running, cause it started to feel nice and Ye. Super cool since those were actual cool and nice shoes to run in. Also nice sushi thing. Since I’m hungry had to get two Ye’s, but both were super nice overall. Quality stuff so nice.

Ye nice solitude patrick Ye with the jokes meme edit. Also lebron no playoff Ye stuff. Then also got pegasus turbo over weekend, since peg34 almost done, I stopped using dynaflyte and vomero 12. So basically now it’s the reacts, and turbos as main Ye. And sometimes peg 35 shield. Oh yeah sometimes after work I would extend my run from work building to a few bus stops down which would be 1+ miles cause nice run backpack lol. Also got apple watch series 4 next day cause forgot to mention last month hackathon nice tied for 2nd. Jokes voting system and other Ye. So got money credit and felt like needed nice smartwatch, and decent Ye to track running and stuff but also nice for apple ecosystem lol.

Also I think this was march break week, so I got the car for a day to drive to work and Ye. Ended up doing nice one day after work for nice chatime and donburi nice.

Then drove back home and did a run and other nice. I might have recorded myself but it was pretty dark and Ye.

Then next monday I ran home from work for the first time. Used the new peg turbos (tried it on for like 2 runs pretty nice). Except right when I was about to start and hyped, as I took the stairs down, I rolled my ankle badly. So destruction but still made it home nicely.

Some run photos from week before, which was nice snow still in march a bit.Also nice chipotle bowl as usual. I think it was captain marvel day with Ye? Oh yeah also my ankle swelled and destruction for like 5 days or so, the very next day (not the weekend, the Tuesday after the chipotle) I took it off cause nice movie How To Train 3 Ye, Ye with coops. So milestones dinner nice chicken parm I think. Got bubble tea later as usual, as this term I drank quite a bit, from real fruit to traditional Ye’s. Overall nice.

Then nice sushi lunch for someone’s going away on Friday which was nice. Then AYCE for dinner with collateral, and got a few photos cause nice, and nice sushi Ye. Oh yeah ran to his house from work lol jokes even though ankle still a bit Ye. I think it was also nice watermelon drink stuff and portugal soccer game?

Then went on a lot of nice runs weekend and next week I think. I think I did 18 miles on sunday even though ankle still a bit off which was damn. That was pretty OP, sub 8 min mile pace. Then next week nice runs in evening I assume, most snow melting and skies nicer these days. Think those were after work cause I wanted nice runs now I can track them. So now it’s bike, then afternoon run to bus stop, then run after arriving home. Ye nice.

Friday (last of March) was nice wings. Then ran to goldhawk for ball run which was also nice, but destruction, cause had to ball in the turbos, as I usually did longer run friday after work, either to home or other nice, which was like 70% of the way to goldhawk then i bussed as i was a bit late.

Nice usual pho after it which was nice simple carbs to refuel lol.

So that’s it for March. A lot happened, super really cool month. Pretty nice for coop stuff, learning a bit more stuff, but still random Ye tedious stuff and stuff. Also very nice new watch to track runs and notifications and nice. Also nice food experiences all over the place super nice. Got to hang out a lot with nice stuff. Forgot to mention watched Shazam like Saturday nice preview or something day with Ye, which was nice especially smuggling nice real fruit into theatre jokes jacket. Very nice exercise sessions and runs, did a lot more and ramping up mileage (while keeping consistent cycling every morning — wow literally every work day at like ~6:30 wake up time too OP, don’t know how I can do it today). Got new shoes which are super nice trainers light and nice responsive cushioned fast Ye. Bubble tea and stuff, and overall a very good month! Maybe cause I felt like taking a bunch of photos? Well, whatever, still nice.

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