My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 29)

Part 28

January 2018: Cold

All I remember from this month was that the cold mornings during running. Destruction, I didn’t explore much running, just the same usual route. Like around 4–8km each morning? Not much. Sometimes skipped days and stuff. Still in intramural basketball, I think I forgot to mention this in my last few posts that intramural basketball was nice.

So yeah also got 2018 taylor swift calendar.

Have a bunch of math 138 calculus stuff.

A bit nicer professor, and this term I was moving around classes for the best prof and finesse unless they were carding. So nice jordan hamilton with friends and stuff. Also dan wolczuk and mukto. And also nice chem and bio as well. Not much overall for January. Went back home twice and met up with friends as well. Oh yeah also did bunch of resume and cover letters and applications. That took quite a while!

February 2017: Grey and Black

So did 2 interviews this month with Cisco and Connected. Destruction that I only got 2 interviews lol but I was a scrub. Did alright math136 midterm and usual 100 chem123 stuff. But a bit destroyed on math138 midterm so destruction integrals. Also nice chinese new year dinner with friends at nice place that’s closed down now lol

No veggies but at least nice chinese food? Then it was back home for reading week, a full week off. Watched Black Panther with dad which was super nice, and then fifty shades freed with friends cause we were trolling? Well pretty jokes in theatre lol.

Also made nice ipod card for Ye birthday party I think. I also got nice lonzo ball t shirt lol cause jokes and BBB and new debut album. Ye and bibimbap above nice, and magic noodle thing with friends above. Party was pretty cool I guess, first time alcohol Ye in like half a year.

Next morning run and then back to school. Oh yeah also did some html and css learning over the break to update my resume stuff? made my personal website! Also did some learning in R lessons (with bioinformatics stuff) as well as some xCode Ye. Oh yeah made a slouching reminder thing before reading week started which was quite a grind cause Mac Apps so confusing!

Basically usual stuff when I got back to school, did more midterms, and Ye. Started to not have super high pressure in stuff, and I think explored a bit west of campus running in lots of snow before 138 midterm prep session (before reading week).

Mondays were also hella annoying cause 9:30 to 5:30 destruction full day with lab. Drinking lotttss of vitamin water these days as well i think? Ye. Forgot to mention previously that I usually ordered subway sandwich or 2 chipotle chicken wraps for lunch. So robotic, especially isolation and solitude during 1A. But still nice.

March 2018: Coding a lot

So I guess almost end of second semester, first year of school. I guess I was still eating out weekly with friends and watched black panther again. I also slept a lot more during class these days cause so tired and solitude? Still tutorial center a lot though cause nice answers.

Nice photos I took to try to make myself translucent for E5 photo bridge thing which worked nicely. I was running a bit these days as well, going decent I think. Oh yeah also got accepted to the cisco coop Ye which was pretty nice and jokes. above average pay and nice downtown Ye and dad was working same Ye different location. Pretty cool. Intramurals was nice team practices and made it to a lower tier semi finals but still fun and overall nice.

Coded a lot as the last few assignments for 136 so destruction and long and Ye. Didn’t do super well and stuff. Finished up the rest of my midterms I think and it was ok.

Biol239 start class kahoot stuff always so nice cause of the names I put, jokes but still appropriate.

Then end of the month was hackathon in new jersey, the princeton Ye. It was cool cause easter weekend, but still a bit destruction since sleep Ye. At least I finished all my assignments before going, so no need to focus on that.

Standard ivy league old Ye campus and stuff and super nice overall. Arduino project and vertalign iron man jokes project which was overall super jokes. Got a lot of free Ye like regular hackathons lol. overall it was a nice experience and stuff. Cool. That is my last hackathon too.

Basically covered all of march and like april 1 and 2? Bus ride was super destruction also. Overall solid stuff. Finished all stuff, now it’s exam time, then coop which I was pretty hype for. Also got numerous nice infinity war stuff opening night which I was also hype for! So yeah.

April 2018: Infinity War / DT Toronto

Basically CN Tower climb. Finally got 2017 3 stripes pants version which is a bit nicer, at sportchek, then went home, right before my exams (3 in 2 days -_- again). I regressed to like basically jussssttt sub13. Destruction, but given sleep and other variables, it was expected? I signed up for half marathon and 2 10ks in the next few months so hopefully I won’t be destroyed then.

So basically, when I got back, it was destruction cause 3 exams 2 days, thanks to chem and chem lab same day always. Those were ok, still choked. Then calculus next day, one was more worried about since first midterm was like 60s destruction. Then basically had the rest of the week off until 2 exams next monday and final one wednesday.

Oh yeah for chem stuff basically right after the morning Ye there was some cisco event thing and I was coop and invited. Pretty nice very elite stuff lol. Overall pretty nice though. I think 5G and some other Ye? Ye weird stuff and got someone’s Math faculty card for some Ye which I didn’t write much later rip. Then got this on sunday meme thing nute gunray jokes?

Well that sunday was super destruction snow and freezing rain and random Ye. Basically monday morning exam CS was postponed to sunday. so destruction….. Somehow still did afternoon biol exam though. that was ok. mediocre.

Nice timbits tutorial center jokes and nice williams cafe morning thing with Ye though. Then 136 on wednesday which was pretty okay. Then final kismet dinner with a lot of nice. That was very cool. Then I rushed home and moved like 70% of my stuff out. Ye didn’t want to stay the extra days destruction.

Went to u of t next day hung out with Ye’s and stuff and was pretty jokes with showdown and all U of T nice robarts and stuff. As they were preparing for their orgo exam I think. Then hung out with friends next day, 4/20. Then saturday got random memes when I was hating lebron a little bit?

Ye I think first year uni I was hating lebron for some reason lol even though 2016 nice. Went back on saturday. Did like nothing cause desk and everything blank. Then sunday exam, then I was finally done first year!

Went to burger king with rest of cs friends still left and talked about nice coop and stuff and also got some fries and burger. Then I had like over 100 left in meal funds so I was trolling and finally decided to order like everything for jokes. Very nice I ate like 60% of it then threw the rest out lol jokes. But cool lots of food.

sister and dad came later and fully moved out. then went to nice outlet mall. got nice purple nike elite run socks, cushioned one. Also very very nice nike swift 1/2 pants things where compressed around knee area for running. Very nice for mild weather and 3 zipper pockets so OPPPPPPPP. Also got nice sports shirt under armour. Overall super cool stuff.

Got back, and went on 10 mile run next day with like the nice gear that I got yesterday lol, remember still having tag in the pants thing jokes. Oh yeah forgot to mention that I got asics dynaflyte in march cause i saw ads for it last year 2016ish and seemed cool, and nice sale of like 60$ at svp during reading week??? Ye I think that’s my main speed shoe loool and using vomero for like more other Ye?

Went with Ye to george brown to join some jokes early in morning. Then nice ramen kenzo I think dundas Ye april 24 I think.

Then next day was nice I think (don’t remember day orders) but I think it was nice ayce sushi downtown with nice and then went to Nike pop up nice and got the pearl pink epic react lol, nice ladies size 12. Ye 200 price, basically second ever shoe after the vomero 12 that I got w/o discount rip. But lasted quite a while in hindsight so pretty cool still. Came with a elite bag to put shoe box in which was nice.

Then next day was even nicer (thursday) cause infinity war at night. Ran nice in the morning, then went downtown Eaton with Ye to meet up and nice stuff.

VR samsung Ye nice. Then later got back home and went with dad ramen nice for dinner. Then infinity war in theatre which was very nice. goated movie. Got back home at like 12 or 1am which was sad cause ending but nice.

Then next day i think cousin came for badminton thing, so met up and got nice lunch cafe hollywood I think. Then i think I ran 15ish miles afternoon? Final long run before half marathon in just over a week iirc. Ye bad training back then lol.

Weekend was last weekend before coop started so I was pretty hyped. I already got sent some pre-coop Ye stuff to do I think. Watched infinity war in IMAX nicely over weekend and got nice souvenir cup with it, the hulk version cause that’s the only Ye left lol. jokes just for money cause only in the movie for 3 seconds.

Also visited nice yonge finch area cause destruction happened a few weeks ago rip.

Then yeah. Pretty much all of April. Finished up first year of school and ready to start my first coop job term! Super hyped for that! Exercised a bit, and understood that I regressed quite a bit rip. Did lots of stuff with friends over the 1.5 weeks of free time after nice. Grades dropped quite a few points but took harder stuff this term and didn’t really try towards end of term. Ate lots of good food too. I also had bangalore over this time but i don’t remember which month, but Ye got it and I took like half of it cause intense lol.

Part 30 here.



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