My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 29)

January 2018: Cold

All I remember from this month was that the cold mornings during running. Destruction, I didn’t explore much running, just the same usual route. Like around 4–8km each morning? Not much. Sometimes skipped days and stuff. Still in intramural basketball, I think I forgot to mention this in my last few posts that intramural basketball was nice.

February 2017: Grey and Black

So did 2 interviews this month with Cisco and Connected. Destruction that I only got 2 interviews lol but I was a scrub. Did alright math136 midterm and usual 100 chem123 stuff. But a bit destroyed on math138 midterm so destruction integrals. Also nice chinese new year dinner with friends at nice place that’s closed down now lol

March 2018: Coding a lot

So I guess almost end of second semester, first year of school. I guess I was still eating out weekly with friends and watched black panther again. I also slept a lot more during class these days cause so tired and solitude? Still tutorial center a lot though cause nice answers.

April 2018: Infinity War / DT Toronto

Basically CN Tower climb. Finally got 2017 3 stripes pants version which is a bit nicer, at sportchek, then went home, right before my exams (3 in 2 days -_- again). I regressed to like basically jussssttt sub13. Destruction, but given sleep and other variables, it was expected? I signed up for half marathon and 2 10ks in the next few months so hopefully I won’t be destroyed then.



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