My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 28)

Part 27

November 2017: Going Home & Reputation

Ye so November 1 or very first thing of november was CS midterm #2 in the evening on Friday. Nice day, very nice day. Accomplished a lot in clash royale on this day I think after. Ye cause took bus to mall for first time after midterm, to watch Thor Ragnarok on release day. Nice mall i guess. Got pegasus 33s cause very nice sale $81 at sportchek in mall as well. Then got back home like around midnight or something very very late taxi. But still cool stuff.

Next week was my final midterm of the term (ye so late second week november) which was chem again. Jokes and 100 again, cause MC’s and Ye. I guess I was decent at high school concepts and Ye lol.

Then I think I stayed up till 4am on thursday to finish cs assignment due in like 2 weeks. I liked to get ahead of nice lol. First Ye memory of stuff like that in school. Then I finally went home after like 3 or 4 weeks.

Pirated nice taylor swift album cause not on spotify yet I think. Also went to nice korean place with family I think. Cool to be back and I think there was a bit of snow and chillier.

Basically for the next month I was only listening to reputation. Kind of strange, but the album was pretty nice for me.

Some more written assignments and typical school stuff, then went home 2 weeks later, then yeah. So overall November was mostly doing lots of assignments and went home twice. Also nice music stuff and went to mall first time in waterloo. Cool overall.

December 2017: The Flash

Basically binged the flash and a bunch of DCAU and stuff like that super cool. And yeah pretty much exam period coming up so this was not that nice.

I keep getting mail for another Stanley Wong in the school. Nice swarovski stuff and other Ye. Overall nice and gave it back to him and stuff.

So Ye tutorial center squad was nice. Went to kismet quite a few times. super spicy but nice lol.

Had like 3 exams in 2 days which was destruction, then went home for the weekend, then got back, then did calculus exam, then watched nice the last jedi. Well its ight, not the nicest but still cool. Then came back on saturday to study for cs exam

Had destruction chicken bangalore with shao which was so bad. Complete destruction kismet stuff. Good thing exam was 2 days later. It went fine, then a quick trip back home again lol. Then back for 2 weeks.

Ye nice red lobster when I got back cause december nice. and nice star wars poster thing lightsaber thing cool. Then watched christmas assembly back in high school I think, then nothing much. Got back my exam scores which were pretty nice overall, my lowest grade was 84, and got some other nice for chemistry.

Cousins came over and we got nice chatime pmall cool i guess on Christmas day, think last time before market village area got demolished.

Christmas was pretty cold all the way through. Also got nice PG1’s on boxing day destruction parking and stuffed yorkdale mall, which was still nice overall. Nice snowman built.

Also nice homemade poutine lol, and nice macaroons after.

And yeah, not much really after that except for some resume lookup and preparation. Also tried reading some C++ books in advance since next CS course is programming in C. So I guess I cared about school mechanically? Yeah cause had to do coop in summer so kind of nervous since i want nice job.

Yeah so overall not bad December, finished up my first semester, got lots of nice friends and school was pretty nice, did decent amount of exercise still and overall pretty fun break.

Yeah, so 2017 was nice. Finished high school and started university. Not much else to reflect on. idk not in the mood to do so, and not much to say. It was not the best year of my life given the chokes and how much I slacked off. But it was cool with so many new opportunities.

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