My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 14)

Part 13

November 2015: Goal Achieved?!?!?

So yeah I guess November was nice as well.

Went on a walk on the first of november and saw Christmas Ye being prepared. Kind of excited.

Reach for the top on monday so no photos, but took photos of computer engineering notes stuff about simple circuit stuff? (pic below)

On Tuesday, I think I was fed up of not nice exercise 2 days in a row (I think I do morning stretches and basic activity and stuff every morning still) so decided to go on a run. Which was nice I guess. Also got a motivational pic thing telling me not to react to everything? idk sort of relevant.

Oh yeah I think after debate club the bus stuff on kennedy was destruction so had to wait so long and ride took so long to get home, so I took a pic when I got off a bus stop cause so dark almost dinner time.

Back to regular run on Wednesday I guess. Also got a random quote thing, slightly motivational. Man I took so many screenshots of this type of cheese in the past lol. Kind of nice, but some of them were not too useful. This one was mostly about decent nice, 3.8/10 still a bit useful and motivational.

Nice cloudy run on Thursday.

Nice under armour quotes on Friday and Saturday. The Muhammad Ali one was nice and like a 5.9/10, it really helped me push through back then.

Oh yeah also CN Tower Climb was this Sunday. If you read May 2015 post, I started exercising and doing all this Ye because of this event to get better fitness and improve my time. This was the main goal I guess, though exercising and all is still fun and nice. I think I went to YMCA Friday after school to get a final nice workout and stair simulation in, then did SPC deal at taco bell? Not that nice but tasted nice and I liked that stuff back then. Cool.

Oh yeah, also might’ve gone to markville on saturday with dad after walking around like 10km just Yeing around?

So CN Tower Climb was on Sunday morning, I think dad might have given me ride downtown. I was like solo and Ye.

Finished with a nice 12:45, almost 3 minutes faster than last year and over 2 minutes PB!!!!!! That was super nice. I was super excited about it. Hype. Then I went eaton center and shopped around for nice. I guess it was starting last year to this year that I got much more materialistic and started going to malls a lot more often for Ye. mostly like looking at nice electronic stuff like headphones, and sports gear stuff like shoes and apparel cause nice. So Eaton was nice and got 15$ nike elite basketball shorts green that was super nice (use them as PJs these days). So this was overall a really good day!

Did I have more goals in the future? Am I going to continue working out? Will I continue to run? Even though I accomplished what I set out to do, I saw the potential of all this (It was only like 6 months of nice, what can years of this nice become??). So I was not content (unfortunately, as always).

Wednesday was another wet run. Also got a decent quote of never giving up. Also took a photo of chemistry case study of avogadro ye lol. No Mon/Tues cause clubs Ye.

Not sure how I got 2 sets of pics for thursday cause seems wet and dark in one, and nicer in the other. I do not think I have doubled any of my runs yet; way too early to do so.

The above set is from Tuesday the next week (not sure what happened in last 5 days; no running and gym a bit probably). I assume it’s from early morning cause debating Ye.

Nice Wednesday Ye above. Probably evening? Or morning i do not know at all.

Nice clear skies for Thursday and Friday. Very cool. Don’t know much about what happened those weeks, but it’s approaching report card and christmas stuff?

Above was from Sunday of the week. I ran pretty long, like around 8 miles for the first time. First time passing PMall and stuff on route. I think it was a slightly chilly day. Cool though. Got a ok motivation Ye from Dwyane Wade ig post. It was decently nice I guess like 4.5/10. At night went to cousin’s house Ye. No idea why I took those night Ye photos, but it was ok.

Above photos from Monday. It was from the TEJ (computer engineering) project thing which you need to put the nice with LED Ye circuit stuff. I remember building the lego stuff like Santa sleigh and need casing for battery and stuff and space to fit circuit.

Also got decent IG motivation stuff. Used it a bit, kind of nice, like 4.7/10.

Tuesday was debate again? Idk i quit it halfway i forgot when. But above photos was from Wednesday. Nice run, and also got giftwrap stuff as backdrop for the santa thing mentioned above.

Nice run on Thursday. Then Friday is the leftmost pic where the santa thing was finished. Basically a sleigh with some flashing LED Ye on top. Overall a group circuit thing with Jason. Ye. I don’t think I ran on friday…

Overall for this month, school was still nice, not as quick pace on courses, but did a lot of nice. Finally accomplished my CN Tower Stair Climb goal, but still continued exercising cause nice. Was very excited for Christmas of course, as it was only a few weeks away.

Oh yeah looks like I deleted like a few GB of footage I randomly got of the cubing competition. My first one. Also happened this month. That’s why it was even nicer lol. But yeah, not mentioned here, but significant overall to nice.

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