My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 11)

Part 10

August 2015: Big Cruise

And of course I barely took any photos. Cool, me not really caring too much about it anymore. But yeah, the usual routine was still in place in the beginning of the month, except since sister finished headstart, it was just straight to the Y from our house. That was nice. I also got sick for a few days I think.

Ye watched paper towns and it was okayyy??? Yeah just a movie. By myself. A recurring theme for the next few years lol. Ye it was nice motivation though. Also finished religion course and everything. Not super sure what I was up to aside from the usual.

Yeah Nathan’s birthday and Martin’s birthday thing we went to Chako. Where I ended up eating a lot lot lot lot lotttttttt lol. Jokes how I ended up having to take a dump halfway through. So nice bbq dinner thing how sushi was available at night. Ye. The next workout day was super destruction? But yeah it was kind of sad for it to be the final full week of ymca and routine stuff. But it was fun to hang out with friends before the cruise stuff.

Yeah so then the cruise. From fort lauderdale to like cozumel and bahamas and other Ye it was nice with cousins. For like one week. We stayed in fort lauderdale for a night and got nice denny’s and stuff. The ship was like oasis of the seas or some large Ye. It was really nice.

The food was really good, can go anywhere and get nice food like pizza and Ye. The restaurant for dinner also really nice. Meals nice in variety. Throwback in day 2 for cats when I ate way too much in lunch buffet and took a dump.

There was like a outside ball court which I kind of wanted to play, but nah I didn’t. There was also so much nice everywhere. Very cool! Overall did a lot of stuff, and it was really fun. Oh yeah also worked out a bit; nice track along the circumference of ship and nice workout gym thing.

The experience overall was really good. A lot of flexibility and stuff. Wifi problem stuff was Ye since it had to be paid for lol. So fun though. Nicely.

Yeah didn’t take any photos on my phone cause so trash and useless cause no wifi. And I was super hyped the entire week since I was gonna get a new phone, yeah the Galaxy S6. Cause I found nice contract deal where 64gb was like 10$ more than 32gb. Super duper cool. Was considering note 4, but everything seemed Ye. idk, yeah I was locked into S6.

Oh yeah I also got sick on like the last few days (probably from random beach Ye). I got sick earlier last month as mentioned, and I think it’s from the scouts beach day stuff I suspect (going into cold water and destruction beach stuff). So I couldn’t fully enjoy last few days but overall still nice food and stuff.

Yeah so when I got back, the next day I was at STC with my dad at this place and they had a S6 left in stock, got clutch since some other places were sold out. And there we go a new phone.

Ye gonna put the photo here, not from my camera roll. Just cause new phone and Ye.

Got 100mb of data per month too looool. Yeah it was nice. Modern android phone nice fingerprint sensor, random gimmick heart rate Ye, pretty nice camera and screen was nice too. Nice charge time to 50% too. A nice 2015 phone. No microsd, but last S[x] phone with IR blaster!

Above image not in camera roll, but just looking back at calendar stuff lol so jokes. Yeah I wanted note 4 cause seems so nice. my old phone so garbage. June 26 end of grade 10 Ye

I remember on that night I was still sick, and Taylor Swift MTV Ye or something like wildest dreams or out of the woods music video released idk. Yeah that was also a very nice day. So all photos from here on out it from the S6. Cool! Of course I am decreasing amount photos taken. But there’s still nice ones.

Of course I will talk about memories that I have of specific time period if I don’t have enough photos (like this month lol). But won’t go super specific. Don’t have all day to write this all out.

So yeah. I ended up going back to the ymca for a few days this week, basically only one week left before grade 11 starts. Apparently super duper important too since it really matters for university as some will look at those grades! Yeah……. especially after grade 10 choke and destruction, I wanted to get nicer grades. Ye external pressure and also other Ye.

But yeah ended up getting a despicable me minion case from bridlewood and also a green thing case from STC place I think. Cool and nice and Ye. Was able to sync everything, and felt super good.

Think I also started playing mortal kombat on phone since it was nice and interesting Ye.

Ye left photo was monte hall problem (s/o cs486 lol jokes) which I thought was nice back then to remind me. And oj mayo nice lebron hype. And nice joakim noah jumpshot which ended up being my IG avi for my main account. Very cool! Also another racist joke photo thing soccer game between nigeria and germany abbrevation and stuff Ye. Not really racist but Ye it’s just Ye.

Yeah so overall a lot happened this month, and could’ve been nicer with a lot more photos. But whatever. Got a new phone. Getting ready for grade 11. Tough times ahead….

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