My (mid)Life Story — Through Phone Photos (Part 10)

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Part 9

June 2015: The End of a Wild School Year

Well I forgot so much nice events that my summary stories don’t really say how wild it is and stuff.

Though I now recall that especially in the mornings, I would wake up early and play battle cats (when I should be doing homework) before breakfast. Also the coin machine push thing game. Such a waste of life lol, but it was nice. Also peeled my own fruit and ate it after dinner. Then eat one oreo. Then wait a bit and brush my teeth/shower, then wait a while and sleep? Yeah that was a grade 10 routine that I remember. Except towards the end of the year where I did the morning exercise workout stuff I think. And if not morning, I would do it in the afternoon.

Randomly took a photo of grade 9 band mark lol. What a choke from 98 — — 85. jokes

Well so I remember something about there was a gifted science review thing? or was it for everyone? teacher got disappointed at us that we did not do the sheet thing? i do not recall that much. I also remember inviting my friends over one time where we did an unboxing of yugioh stuff and we pulled a life stream dragon. jokes. I do not remember much else.

After finishing science exam I was done school so I went to pizza pizza I think and got a pizza medium. Didn’t say this, but I think I also got a pizza last year after my last exam (English). Ye.

So I think next month is dea silver practice hike

Think these maps are involved with it but I have no idea what it is.

Oh yeah I think most weekends, or Sundays especially I would get newspaper for parents and this year I got dad a card for father’s day? I have no idea why I did that but Ye.

Ye practiced basketball quite a bit these days I think. I have my phone in my pocket with earbuds strung up inside shirt so it won’t be loose. I used the hooky skullcandy ones (not sure since those broke/malfunctioned) or the white skullcandy lowest tier+2 ones. Yeah the image above was this bee thing on top of the garbage can for my neighbors Ye. Smelled weird and Ye.

Oh yeah and the regular google maps Ye for preliminary stuff for dea silver practice at this private school thing since the upper year Ye goes there and stuff. I remember knowing about MRE stuff for the first time since that’s what we’re gonna be consuming. Also took subway there and back and stuff.

So I was still working out, and doing push up and ab stuff and strength and light cardio stuff.

Oh yeah my sister’s elementary school graduation. I went to the Ye. It was decently nice seeing teachers again and stuff — too bad I don’t talk to them anymore rip or see them or anything lol. Zoy stuff and stuff. But on the morning of I ran I think around 7km to Nathan’s house? Longest run of my life I think. Then walk/run to other Ye, then to McDonald’s at bamburgh and stuff. Yeah.

Oh yeah I think June was the first time going to the utopia board game cafe with friends. Pretty jokes. I think one time I took bus with Trisha there cause she doesn’t know warden steeles that much? So I ended up running to cedarbrae (10k) jokes. Pretty far run which I walk/run. That was nice. Rarely go to that mall anymore these days. Probably once every few years lol.

I think that’s it for June. A really big month again. Probably forgot some deets, will add in future months when I remember. Oh yeah something I forgot is nice 2015 school year where played lots of card games in the downstairs friends Ye. Lots and lots of hours playing like coup bang and other stuff. really really fun, lots of jokes moments!

Right forgot about watching Inside Out. Reaaaalllllyyyyy good! Watched it with cousin and her kiddo and Ye. I remember getting double fillet o fish meal lol jokes. Also remember hanging out stephanes house for usual Ye which was jokes. Played ball and I was actually decent thanks to backyard hook shot practice. Also played a bit in scouts which was also decent since hook shot practice and Ye. And I guess rebounding nicer since I gained strength and Ye? idk.

Oh yeahhh also biked every morning and watching the finals highlights of the lebron carryjob. too op but unfortunately lost. good memories of just watching the starters show and stuff.

July 2015: The New Workout Plan

Long month ahead. One of the best in my life? Soooo much stuff happened.

I think one day after YMCA thing, I went to the mall with mom one time. Then she suggested that I do weight stuff there instead of always swimming and stuff. So I agreed. There was like a preliminary lesson thing which was nice. I learned how to use the machines. At 15 years of age, that’s what I’ll be doing. Also got sony earbuds sport stuff on sale at best buy — one of the goat purchases imo lol since it lasted over a year.

First things first was dea thing. It was a fun hike

took photo of google maps aggaaiiiiin lol. I remember when I got back I think I was able to check marks? Yeah I checked and I ended up seeing my 85 or 86 in science. I felt destruction since it was low compared to grade 9. Yeah.

So I was also taking grade 11 religion online during these summer weeks. Mr Molloy and stuff. I literally sent him 1000000 emails clarifying with him about every single little thing if I recall. I think he wrote nice things about me, but not sure if it’s just cause I kept talking to him about the course detail stuff or whatever Ye. But yeah I wrote lots of stuff for that course, finished with a nice 99. I think that was the first course I super duper cared. Well a good start to grade 11 stuff after the math destruction I think.

Yeah so I worked on religion stuff a lot. I also did a lot of cubing and 15 puzzle practice. Also listened to lots of music on Spotify and stuff the usual artists. Plus the current hits I guess. Really nice stuff.

I also played basketball almost every day in backyard for close to an hour while listening to music? Ye mid afternoon routine. Practicing moves and hook shots and all that. Decent stuff. Got a new wilson ball I think.

Oh yeah also got some new sports shirts from like national and sportchek Ye. Yeah I guess since I was exercising almost every day I needed more nice.

Yeah so mornings was YMCA stuff for a bit over an hour? Basically sister got dropped off at headstart high school stuff, then dad drove me to YMCA which was near his work and Ye. Then I would work out then bus back. I think it was mostly go changing room, and put on my stuff, then earbuds in and usually first song was calvin harris under control I think, shuffle the rest. Then would do machine lifting stuff every other day. Other days I would start with eliptical and do it for a bit over 30 min. But I would do eliptical for like 15–20 on lifting days. Then go upstairs and run on the mini track. I think lifting days was like a bit over 2.5k? or 20 laps. And cardio day 40 laps? Not too sure, but yeah got a nice workout in usually. Nice music and all. I showered there after, naked!!!! Ye nice since not many people in morning so won’t be immature and jokes and stuff.

Then I would leave and take the bus back home. Then maybe homework and other stuff. Then lunch. Then homework and stuff. Then dinner then table tennis.

Yes table tennis, forgot all about it. Basically since end of grade 9 to whenever, basically dad and I practiced table tennis at night. I FORGOT TO WRITE THIS IN SO MANY TIMES. But it was fun and Ye. I think after we went to this table tennis place once and saw people practicing forehand and backhand rally stuff instead of just playing games over and over, my dad and I started doing that. It started out pretty bad, but we both improved and it was really nice. Really nice how he changed from penhold to shakehand because of it!!!!! Jeez. Yeah so practiced a lot every evening after he finishes work and stuff. Super fun!

We also got this new net contraption thing. It was to practice nice serving and easier to practice forehand and combo hits. Ye spoiled Ye I know lol. It was really nice and fun. I think I also took lessons during this time? Yeah probably on weekends and stuff. I learned a lot during this time. Pretty tiring, especially the forehand backhand moving transition practice stuff.

Also weekend afternoon piano and stuff. but i quit. but i still had to play once a week cause piano was few thousand dollars and Ye. Also played a lot of NHL 09 I think

Ye downstairs, maybe on exercise bike? And also nice split screen feature on our full hd old samsung so I could play nhl and watch tv at same time. something like that.

Also watched the really nice womens world cup and carli lloyd nice finals hattrick Ye. idk I really liked soccer and Ye somehow still. Fun to watch especially since Canada was decent, and in it.

Saturday routine was sometimes the pho noodle star place. Large pho thing with chicken noodle spring roll thing with curry beef brisket. Then add on some boiled veggies from home and rice. Super carbs!!! lol jokes but tasted so nice. this was like a routine since grade 3 and stuff.

Also sometimes weekend dinners were chartwell stuff where it was like this tofu thing, eggplant thing, and curry beef brisket thing. Ye large portions and super budget and op and nice lol. Ate a lot. No idea why I’m putting this here, not really relevant to July but w/e.

Yeah but a big sunday routine would also be chicken pot pie + lasagna + mashed potatoes. And of course extra noodles/rice for carbs looool and veggie stuff. Ye stuffed myself a lot. Destruction looking back at it. Way too much empty trasheons going into me.

Yeah so 2 nice events also happened this month. Pan am games in Toronto. First one was a weekend, where dad and I watched really nice table tennis stuff. Think it was preliminary. Went to markham pan am center and watched table tennis. Since dad and I played hundreds of hours over last year, it was nice. Very cool and fun to watch.

The week after on a weekday evening dad and I went for basketball game canada vs argentina. I think it was semifinals. Nicely how anthony bennett and andrew nicholson was on the team I think. It was at ryerson university, dad and I subwayed down together and back which was nice lol. Rarely happens since dad usually drives if he’s free. Yeah it was nice comeback game. Also nice how cory joseph was sitting like 2 rows behind me with his gf and Ye.

Also might’ve gone to utopia once or twice or stuff for nice boardgames. I think I started to write more short stories and stuff? I wrote a few earlier in the school year iirc but it was not much stuff, maybe more on the super immature side. But yeah. Also went through throwback photos of everyone and made memes a few months ago. But not much stuff with friends, per usual. But yeah the routine was nice and fitness was nicely. Also I thought Paper Towns was nice yeah watched the trailers a bunch and stuff?

Yeah so I guess that’s it for July stuff? Yeah basically it was THE foundation to everything I do today I guess. Also had lots of fun. Oh yeah got the hyperYe basketball shoes for like 45 on sale at national sports. My first nike basketball Ye. Yeah. Right. Also forgot to mention that I got under armour micro g monza running shoes. my first pair of running shoese that I thought were super nice and Ye and first under armour thing. It was a really cool blue Ye colour. Nice. I think I used that for gym, as well as the adidas basketball shoes for casual?

Oh yeah also watched quite a lot of baseball as well since toronto was doing pretty nice with josh donaldson bautista and edwin and tulo. Ye.

Forgot to write that last month after the final science exam, the next morning I walked like 10km all the way to warden subway station just to think about school year and random Ye, and took the bus back and stuff. Made a quick stop to tim hortons for pink lemonade stuff 2/3 of the way in? idk, the day was random.

Oh yeah I remember also going to victor’s house for this party thing and I had to buy the sodas and carry on bus after working out. Ye.

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