My Macbook Dock Setup

Stanley Wongus
3 min readDec 1, 2020


I got my Macbook Pro a month before I started university, in 2017. I have been using it ever since, and will probably not upgrade for at least a year or until graduation (unless something bad happens between then).

With the touchbar!

It is a very nice machine, awesome build quality, and MacOS has been a blast (after using Windows for my whole life before then). Although I miss some parts of Windows, MacOS is still very good, since it is Unix and such, so some tasks are nicer in terms of programming.

I guess enough with the introduction, this Medium post is to talk about my dock setup on my Macbook. It has barely changed (if at all) since my first few days using the device.

My Dock setup!

First of all, I like big icons. Quick and easy to access when needed, and having like 10000 small icons like some other power users makes it lose its simplicity and is just too confusing for me.

Obviously, the finder is there, and Siri is there as well. The finder is something I use a lot, since it is the file browser. The Big Sur update to the UI makes it so much better too. I barely use Siri from that button, but I guess in terms of looks and uniformity, having this amount of icons is nice, and a nice just-in-case.

I use Chrome as my main web browser so it is there for sure. Safari is also another very good web browser, though most extensions and settings I have gotten used to over the years is not there. Though sometimes when things do not work on Chrome, or if I want a change in scenery, Safari will always be very reliable still. Calendar is used a lot from me to set dates and goals and such. Notes is very useful for making quick lists and personal notes.

Messages is of course essential, given that I have an iPhone, so it is there (such a good app since I can send texts easily too). Facetime for the same reasons (though I do not use it too often, it’s still nice-to-have). Reminders is something I occassionally use too.

Settings is used a lot for me, so it is there on the dock too. Microsoft Word is my main text/word processing tool so I have it there (I use Google Suite more though, but that is on Chrome). Finally, Apple Music is my main music listening app, and I listen to music a lot, hence it is there.

So that is it for the dock. Very simple, very nice. It has been very convenient! Overall I am not really a power user, and I just browse the web and create novice-level content from time to time. So this set up works great for me!



Stanley Wongus