My Google Chrome Bookmarks

A lot of battery/memory used…. But I am trapped in Google’s ecosystem

This is something very dear to me, since I have been using Google Chrome as my main web browser since 2011. So a long time. I have been using, modifying, updating bookmarks for years on years now. Right now, I like having a clean, organized, useful bookmarks bar for quick access. Though it is probably due for an update soon.

Overall, some bookmark icons are unnamed, since it makes it more clean and have more space on the bookmarks bar. As a disclaimer, I do not really click on much of these all too often.

Bookmark Bar

The Bar

So let’s get started. The default ‘Apps’ for Chrome is there. The food stuff bookmark folder will be mentioned with more detail later, and so is Programming to-do. For PFITZCAL it is a website of a cool online tool that generates nice race training plans (hansons, pfitz) for like longer races. I used the PFitz 70 last year to train for a marathon. The Windows one is for my email. The google drive one is self-explanatory. the Spotify one was for my main web music player in the past.

WolframAlpha and Desmos are nice for high school and university math visualization and problems. The Dynamic Periodic Table is nice for science courses since it is interactive and very useful. Swimplan is a nice website to generate cool swimming training plans that I used like a few years ago. The LaTeX templates was a nice website with cool templates for like Resumes and such, very cool! The django bookmark icon is a very helpful website for a quick django tutorial since it was a cool Python framework that I kind of want to explore more in the future. ‘Stanley Wong’ is my personal website (updated one), that is sometimes cool to check up on.

Extended Bookmark

The rest of the bookmarks

So on the monitor I use, I can see all the bookmarks (pictured above). But if not, there’s more to click on, which displays two additional items. The pebble was a reference for BIOL130L since the lab was uses Pebble. However I dropped the course, and will remove this bookmark soon. The Genomics Server is a GCP CLI thing that is used for the BIOL469 assignments. A cool tool actually, very cool cloud server that I have been using.

Bookmark Folder — food stuff

As mentioned above, ‘food stuff’ bookmark folder shows a bunch of recipes that I found cooooool and bookmarked. I made some of them, but still have quite a few that look cool that I want to eventually make. Keep in mind I am a level 0 cooker, hence I have to copy recipes!

The top two entries are are cool curry thai recipes that I was interested to make from scratch. But overall, there are a wide variety of dishes, from Western, Asian, to traditional Indian, to European, and more. Overall, these dishes are not too hard to make, and should be very exciting!

Bookmark Folder — Programming to-do

So Programming to-do folder mostly contains items that contains cool programming concepts that I can learn and use. So Google Sheets and Python looked pretty cool a few years back, and I was interested on doing some data project with that. Algorithm interview questions look cool so I bookmarked the GeeksforGeeks. Chrome extension to do cool stuff to a website was something very cool I wanted to do, hence I wanted this bookmark. CS50 apparently was a very very good quality intro CS course (no idea if I even need it), but it’s there. Flask tutorial was interesting since like Django, I want to learn some Python web development, and Flask seems super cool. Photopea seems like a very nice free photoshop (photo editor) and I saw some nice stuff on it from Reddit.

Overall, here are my bookmarks for Google Chrome. I do not use it as much these days, since I like using the keyboard a lot to type and make shortcuts, and it’s much faster than mousing over the bookmark item and clicking it. Maybe it was better since I used to use a laptop with a touchscreen? But overall, yeah. It’s cool, and slightly useful.




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