My Go-to Chipotle Order

Disclaimer: I have last eaten Chipotle in December 2019

So I first tried Chipotle in 2017. At first glance, it was a bit like Subway. But after indulging my first burrito, it was thousands of miles better than it. The flavor, quality, and simplicity of a burrito was much better than a lettuce-dense submarine sandwich.

Overall, the price is good enough, the service seems nice, and I enjoy literally anything I get there.

My Order

Ok to start off, my go-to is a burrito. I sometimes get a bowl, but generally a burrito is nice for long-term since there’s more carbs.

I double-wrap my burrito, so there’s a lot more carbs (lasts very long!) and makes the structure a bit more sturdy and non-rippable as well.

I then go for brown rice for rice (more complex carbs!), and both beans. Black and refried pinto beans are both nice. Though black beans seem a bit more healthy and nutritious, the refried beans is nice texture too.

I then go for chicken as my go-to protein. It is the simplest and nicest in my opinion; just never goes wrong. The price is on the lower end, and chicken burritos are nice! I sometimes add the ‘vegetables’ to the chicken, but it depends. The cooked veggies have nice flavor and all still.

For salsa, I usually get mild and hot. Mild because the pico de gallo is nice, nice whole tomatoes and all that full veggies. Hot because it adds a little bit of nice spiciness to the burrito. I sometimes go for medium, but it really depends.

For other veggies, I add in some corn, cheese, and lettuce. The corn is nice and adds sweetness and tiny crunch to the burrito. The cheese is for some added nice flavor. The lettuce makes the filling a bit more leafy and fresh. And that’s basically it for the burrito.

No sour cream because I am not a fan of it, and no guacamole because the price is sometimes a bit too much for me (though sometimes I will still add it in).

For drink, I would ask for a cup of water (so basically fountain drink cup with some tap water I guess). I try not to use a straw. Sometimes it’s a feelsbad moment since it feels like a waste of materials.

Overall that is my go-to chipotle order! Let me know what your go-to order for any fast food place is! I am a big fan of Mexican food, and Chipotle is a very nice fast-food variant of it; super customizable, consistent, decently nutritious and healthy, and overall super delicious and filling! Somehow I love this place even more than more authentic Mexican places :P