My First Oreo in >6 years!

Stanley Wongus
3 min readJun 21, 2021


Today was mostly a regular day, Sunday to be exact. I did a 16 mile long run in the morning around 6. Then cooldown. Then had the usual breakfast I have been having for the last~300 days, which is the toast + nut butter + hemp seed combination (x3) along with greek yogurt (and some plant based yogurt) with granola (nice quality grain free one I think) and defrosted fruit (berries + some mango for fun). Was still a bit hungry so I ate an orange.

I then vacuumed most of the house since Sunday is cleaning day. I then did some usual morning routine stuff such as chess puzzles and minesweeper slacking off. Also made a new Zesty Zoy Pod episode.

It was then lunch prep. The usual Sunday tacos/wraps. Today was the regular smaller tacos, so it was nice chicken fajitas with tomato/corn salsa + mango salsa + guac. Pretty nice. When I was getting the ingredients from the basement, I was still slightly hungry so I got a thin Oreo and ate it. I do not know why, since I had not had one in over 6 years. But I ate it.

It was not that good since it was opened a while ago so the cookie was soft. But boy oh boy it did bring back so many good memories.


I remember eating Oreos on the daily back in around grade 9 and 10. It was a nightly thing, maybe 1–2 per night. I also had some back in elementary school and whatnot. But it was more routine like in high school. Then it was super unhealthy and I stopped.

But I have had a bunch of flavors over that time; regular, double stuf, mint, the gold one, etc etc. Have not had any since. Probably because it was super unhealthy. And my body does not really need it. And there are so many other snacks that I discovered which were healthy but really nice tasting as well.

After this Oreo, I had a few more in the afternoon, except it was the birthday cake flavor one!!! Wowwwwwwww!

Well, we had a few packs in the house since it was on sale a few weeks ago, and I guess it might have been needed for some baking recipes? Not sure, but there was still quite a bit left, so I ate a couple! So tasty! Sweet! Wow!

A nice unique flavor, but overall it tasted quite similar to original one. But man, so many memories and flashbacks instantly peered into my head as soon as I crunched down on this pastry/cookie and the sweetness from the cream filling tingled the nerves on my tongue!

I likely will not have any more for the next long while. This was a good run while it lasted. Overall, Oreos are still nice to have once in a while maybe. But I guess I am busy a lot and I like staying consistent like a robot cause Ye, so I try to make sure my body is ready for everything, academically and everything else.

Next streak to break: Have not had a single piece McDonald’s food since August 2017 😈.



Stanley Wongus