My Favorite League Champion to Play

After Playing League of Legends for 4 days

Stanley Wongus
3 min readDec 7, 2020


So as a complete newbie, I still have to get used to literally every aspect of this MOBA game still. However, after putting around 5 or 6 hours into this game so far, I would like to share my favorite champion to play.


I have only used three champions so far, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, and Darius. Miss Fortune was my first champion unlocked after the first tutorial. She seemed like a pretty good ADC champ and I saw her used a bit competitively relative to the other options I could choose from, so that’s why I chose her. Ezreal and Darius were unlocked with some random task thing, where I got to choose from a set of three champions. My cousin and friend told me that Ezreal and Darius were nice and fun to play, so that’s why I chose them.

My Favorite Champion

After playing Darius for one game in beginner bot, I found that I hate melee champions. Although some attacks were nice and all, it is very hard for a scrub like me to easily get CS without exposing myself to too much damage. I felt like it was so hard to farm with Darius since I was exposed to the minions and the opposing champions.

I played Miss Fortune for like the first few games, such as the tutorial and the bot game (intro and beginner). Intro was so easy and beginner was much much harder. Miss Fortune seemed fine, but the W passive I was not a big fan of. I got used to her ultimate and her E which was pretty nice. Overall she was nice to play, but not my favorite.

However, my favorite to play so far by far is Ezreal.

My Favorite Champion to play so far.

He is a very versatile champion, and all his abilities are fun to use. The Q is really quick to cool down, and is a nice skillshot. The W seems very versatile and the animation is fun to hit and use. The E is a nice offensive and defensive mini flash tactic. The ultimate is nice and not too hard to aim. It goes the full map which is so nice range overall. Although he is not too fast, he moves at a nice speed, and so far, I plan to play more with him since he is so cool and I do not have much other champions unlocked.

So far League of Legends has been really fun. Although the learning curve is super steep and I have no idea what I am doing half the time, it is still fun to try out new things and see how I can improve. Hopefully I can learn more combos, unlock a few more nice and fun champions, and be much better at farming!



Stanley Wongus