Midnights 3AM Edition Songs Review (During Running)

How I felt while listening to this album while exercising (>100 times played)

Stanley Wongus
6 min readFeb 28, 2023

So I guess in Oct 2022, Taylor Swift released a super duper nice album, her first non TV-edition since Evermore in late 2020. So it has been a long wait, but super worth it! My previous album song review was of Sour, and basically over the last 5 years, all 11 songs on that album are my 11th most listened to on Apple Music.

And basically I have been listening to it every morning routine thing, until this album came out! And it’s over 1 hour long! So I don’t have to worry about what to play next, during my average distance runs.

Overall, this album has been amazing to listen to. Whether it’s from top-down or just random songs sprinkled all over. For me, this is a top 3 Taylor Swift album of all time. Not sure if recency bias or not. It also seems much less alternative-ly than the previous 2 releases, and a bit more pop like her late 2010s releases. But yeah, still some aspects of alternative-ness I feel at times too.

Lavender Haze

Another amazing opening song on a TSwift album. Somehow all her opening songs sound really really good. Really good to vibe to this, and I really enjoy the melody. Took me a while to fully enjoy this, but now I do. A bit on the softer tone, but it is really nice to build up the first half of the album, which is SUPER DUPER NICE! 10/10.


One of my favorite songs of this album (uh I might say this for way too many songs though lol). The lyrics are really clear and nice, and the melody is super cool too. Just feels super nice listening to it. Ye. 10+++/10.


Another one of my favs from this album. Super duper pop-like, gives me tons of Lover vibes. Super enjoyed this song since the first listen, and super duper catchy too. Did not really grow on me as much as some other songs, but not much to grow when I super enjoyed it from the get-go lol. Hmm thinking back, I might like Maroon more… gah. idk. 10++/10.

Snow On The Beach

I guess her first collab with Lana Del Rey. This song is super nice, and probably a top 3 for me in my first impressions. Super catchy, cool feature (In high school Lana Del Rey was probably top 3 artist I listened to), and good vibes overall. I guess just like Anti_hero, other songs in this album shot up way more than this. I still really enjoy this song though! 10+/10.

You’re On Your Own Kid

If I were to pick my #1 song in this album, then this song will be it!!! Though I would never say that, since so many other songs are so nice too. But this song has been super enjoyable since the first listen, and gets exponentially better each time! The melody is just super duper enjoyable for my brain, the lyrics are really nice too! Overall is just 100000% vibes and idk, I just love it super duper much. 10++++/10.

Midnight Rain

So yeah after the last 5 super OP songs, this kinda falls off a cliff. Well I am exaggerating, but yeah, it’s kind of hard to keep up the hype when the previous songs started off the album so nicely.

No disrespect though, this song is super good too. But I don’t really feel as nice about it compared to the other ones. Maybe the other high pitched voice thing, or it being more of a slower, melodic song. Not sure. I might be rating this lower since I 99% of the time listen to the album top-down proper order, and this song happens to come after a super duper ooper good one. 7.5/10.


This song seemed a bit on the slower side too. It’s alright, it’s kind of like the previous song. The lyrics were alright, but I don’t vibe with it as much. Could sound nice in most cases, but compared to other songs, meh. 8/10.

Vigilante Shit

Yeah this song is a bit different too. I don’t know, not as melodic, and I don’t really feel too nice about it too. Not as memorable as the other ones either. 7/10.


Super nice melody and catchy lyrics! I guess that’s the kind of style I prefer more from Taylor? not sure since I super enjoyed Folklore and Evermore too. But I like the upbeatedness from this, and yeah cool stuff. 10+/10.


A bit on the slower side, but I do enjoy the melody part of it. A bit catchy for me too. In the beginning, I liked this song a lot more, but now it’s just nice-nice. 9.5/10.


A bit like Bejeweled, super nice upbeat lyrics and really nice melody too. I really enjoyed listening to this! Super nice. 10++/10.

Sweet Nothing

A bit on the softer, melodic side, not super bad, but I am not the biggest fan of it. It is still a solid song though. Just kinda slow in my mind, when I’m listening to this album. 7.5/10.


A solid all-around song to close out the non-3am-edition version of the album. Nice beat and melody. A pretty mid song for the album, seems like the average melody and upbeatedness in my opinion. 9/10.

The Great War

A super duper banger to start the 3am version of the album! Sooooo gooood! Lyrics are super nice, and the melody and beat is super vibessss. Really nice! 10++/10.

Bigger Than The Whole Sky

A solid song, a bit slow, but I do enjoy the melody and lyrics of it. Nice. 10/10.


Another nice upbeat song, another song that I’ll gladly listen to! Yeah lyrics are nice too. Nothing too unique compared to the other super good songs, so this is just an average super good song! 10+/10.

High Infidelity

Meh, this song is alright. Seems a bit too slow and soft for my liking. Not enough melody. Reminds me of Invisible String (from Folklore) a bit. But meh. Reading into the meaning behind this song when I was curious didn’t really help either lol. 7/10.


Nice upbeat nice song. A bit too much for me? Not sure, but still a pretty solid song. Still enjoyable. 8.5/10.

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

Basically a top 3 song for me during the first few weeks of this album’s release. Really enjoy the upbeat aspect and the chorus super nice too! Reminds me a lot of Long Story Short from Evermore, which was one of the best songs from that album! So I super enjoyed this one too! Did not grow on me as much, but super duper good! 10++/10.

Dear Reader

Meh a lot of Taylor Swift albums end on a slightly slower note, like this one. It’s okayyyyy I guess… but yeah too slow and the melody doesn’t really fit my taste. It’s okay though, there’s still a bunch of other super nice vibes songs in this album, so the slower ending is fine. 7.5/10.

So yeah, overall, looking back, this album for me is super duper really really super duper really good! Although it may seem like there are some bumps in relatively lower ratings in some of the songs, I still enjoyed this album tons. All super perfect albums gotta have some mid songs in between, cause that’s what makes the super duper nice songs amplified. Plus, a bit of bias listening to this album from top-to-bottom all the time. So many nice memories and vibes from listening to this album. 10/10.

Yeah, looking back at previous album reviews, I think my opinion may have changed, as well as the rating system. I am now giving out more +’s lol, cause it’s so hard to judge all the super duper nice songs and differentiate them. But overall this album is one of my favorites to listen to. Not sure how long it’ll last, but yeah, great memories, and a good length!