Logitech G502 Review

My First Gaming Mouse!

Stanley Wongus
4 min readJun 15, 2021


I got my very first gaming mouse, the Logitech G502 in the first week of January, since I kind of wanted some more productivity in my mouse — been missing out on it a lot for over a year, since the my MX Master 2S stopped working (RIP), and that was one of the best mice I have ever used.

Needless to say, this mouse was an excellent purchase, and I am very satisfied with its performance, and the journey we have been on together since!

What I Use it For

When I got it back in January, I was just around one month into my League of Legends career (where I have been playing with a tiny bluetooth mouse up at that point), and felt like I needed an upgrade. One of my gaming specialist friends told me that this gaming mouse was a very solid option. Maybe not light enough for pro level FPS games, but solid mouse overall. So I got it.

I needed a mouse with programmable buttons as well. Some of the most useful ones that I used on the MX Master 2S a few years ago was a screenshot button, a play/pause button, and a ‘back’ button (that I can go back and forth easily on web browsers without pressing a ‘back’ button on the web app itself). Luckily, the G502 has quite a few nicely position buttons where I was able to easily program and adjust to.

These days, since retiring from League of Legends, I do not really play any official video games (maybe just Minesweeper and stuff like that). I mostly use this mouse for daily tasks such as school work and normal day to day stuff. And it works fine for that; a nicely sized mouse with better ergonomics compared to a tiny bluetooth mouse is always a big plus!

Logitech G Hub

So I had to download the G Hub on the Macbook to fully take advantage of many features, such as those listed above. It is a pretty nicely designed application, and I am pretty impressed by all the customizations I can do (including gaming profiles). The dedicated DPI shift stuff seemed pretty cool as well.

Though I just use it to assign the shortcut keys, all of which work very nicely. The only bad part about this, is that G Hub always has to run on the background, and sometimes it does not connect that quickly or nicely, so the profiles won’t work and the mouse will default to super sensitive DPS (thanks to League, I decreased the mouse sensitivity a lot and have gotten super used to it). The solution is to either sleep/wake the Macbook again, or worst case, restart the computer.

But overall, the app seems solid, since I also use the G432 gaming headset and the Logitech ecosystem seems pretty solid for a low gaming peripheral knowledge person like me.

The Mouse

I enjoy the RGB aspects of the mouse, but just for processing and annoying stuff’s sake, I decided to just set the mouse to a specific shade of light purple on the colour part.

I like the tiny hints of customizable colour, very cool! Though the 3 bars thing does not always fully work (maybe one of the LEDs on my mouse burned out after a few days of use). But the RGB is not really a deal breaker since it is just a tiny part of the mouse. But the ‘G’ logo is purple for me.

The mouse weight is very solid overall, not super light not super heavy, just a average mouse weight and my wrist feels nice still. Customizable weights is also a nice feature in case I want a heavier mouse in the future. All the buttons are nice and reachable, especially the side ones which I use the most (screenshot/back). The clicks might be a bit loud relatively speaking, but overall it’s just fine.

The scroll wheel feels nice to scroll on, and the infinite scroll is also very solid. Although this mouse is wired, the USB wire that it comes with is a nice length, and I do not really have too many complaints since bluetooth mouse only makes storage more convenient I guess. Due to the pandemic and the indoors life, I just leave my mouse in the same spot every night, so it is not a big deal.


This mouse only ran me around $50 CAD, and was a very solid first gaming mouse for me. It worked nicely when I played video games, and just doing productivity work in general. The customizable buttons are nice, the feel is nice, and overall the mouse is nice. Nothing super duper cool, but this mouse is just meant to be an entry level gaming mouse with just a solid mid range list of features. Only minor complaint is G Hub, and maybe the loudness of some clicks (and how one of the side buttons sometimes mis-clicks if I position the keyboard too close to the mouse).

But overall, this mouse does its job well. Does everything I need it to.




Stanley Wongus