Logitech G432 Headset Review

My very first gaming headset!

Stanley Wongus
3 min readJun 13, 2021

I never had any sort of gaming headset ever. I use regular earbuds most of the time, and as of the last year, it was mostly the Bose soundsports (discount during Black Friday 2016) and the Apple Airpods (and sometimes the Powerbeats). During my remote internship from January — April of this year, I was using the default speaker and mic on the Macbook Pro to do Zoom meetings and all that kind of stuff.

It was getting annoying, so I decided to get something more professional-like, for better quality when listening and speaking, and something that is nice to play focus with. So it was either a bluetooth headphone thing, or gaming headset, or a work-style kind of headset like the basic ones from Jabra.

Luckily, during a weekend in March, I was able to go to Canada Computers to look around at tech and stuff (right before the 3rd wave hit luckily), and saw all the cool gaming headsets there. I was immediately intrigued, since I have seen a few colleagues and friends use this kind of stuff for work and gaming and more.

I looked through the aisle and determined that the day was the day to finally get a new pair of listening devices with a decent quality built in microphone. I looked through, and saw the G432 from Logitech. I already got the G502 gaming mouse a few months ago (made a post about it), and saw that it uses the same Logitech G Hub Software. It was also one of the more budget options, and the feature that sold me over was the folding microphone part which automatically mutes.

So I got it. I could’ve gotten the bluetooth one, or a nice one with RGB, but I just needed a basic one, I’m not a pro gamer or anything, and did not need anything fancy. Also, I might upgrade other listening devices in the future, such as Airpods Pro or Bose QC35 or something bluetooth for casual stuff. This purchase was just for work and gaming related, something basic yet works nice. It was a nice $70 spent.


This set of headphones have performed very well. It still does to this day. The audio is very nice, the headset decently isolates some noise (not really a big deal for me), and it is comfortable. It did take around 1 week to fully-fully adapt to everything about it (and wear it for hours and hours of non-stop League of Legends gaming).

I do not mind missing out on bluetooth or stuff, since the wire is extra long, so it is easy to navigate around my bedroom while keeping the headset on. The mic part, as mentioned before, was by far the best. The quality was better than most other things that I had from before, and the convenient swivel part keeps it out of contact when I do not need it, which conveniently mutes myself as well. This is so good in video calls where I never have to keep myself disrespectful and muted the entire time. Now to unmute, I just swivel the mic down and start talking!

The Logitech G Hub software also integrates very nicely with it. No complaints about that so far as well. Build quality also is pretty good as nothing seems to be getting worn out too much in the last few months. Hopefully it can last at least a few years!


Overall, this is a very solid pair of gaming headphones for anyone, especially on a low-mid budget who just wants headphones that get the job done. I have enjoyed using this a lot, and plan to continue using it as long as I can, whenever I am doing productivity or gaming tasks on the laptop!