Last night before a miracle?

New Year’s Resolution in jeopardy

Stanley Wongus
2 min readSep 12, 2023

Well, only 111 days left in the year. 111 daily runs left for my resolution to be complete — of running every day. Well easier said than done. So much progress, yet I do not want 111 more days of painful running.

My left knee ish area sucks so much right now. Painnnn. Not too consistent, never felt this before. Started with the lateral part (LCL-ish?). But now top/medial part hurting a bit? And other parts of leg also sore cause it was working super hard last few weeks to compensate for it?

I have no idea.

All I know that the fleet feet tuesday runs are my last hope. I usually run twice on tuesdays. The usual morning one, then at 6pm with Fleet Feet (running store group run ye). Usually it’s pretty hilly and stuff, around 6 miles long. But in most cases throughout the year, through all the dumb injuries i’ve been through, going on this run heals me somehow.

2 weeks ago I felt this pain initially. I did the run and the pain was much much better for the rest of the week-ish. But then I had a trip to California, and the pain came back. So maybe this is a ‘real’ injury? I had other pains and stuff in the past where going on this run would heal me. The pace is usually the fastest I’ll run in the week. Tiring sometimes, but somehow the pain would go away.

Hmm kind of want it to happen tomorrow too, but so hard to tell. I have no idea what will happen. It will likely make or break the new year’s resolution…. 😬😬😬

As usual, pains/injuries are preceded by dumb things. But usually the ones that take me out are by super dumb things. And of course I had to run 55km on a casual Saturday. Followed up by Pokemon Go community day on Sunday where I went super hard like >40k steps (along with like a 10 mile run+volunteering stuff). Not the best recovery. Far from ideal. Kind of killing myself lol. 😰😰

The next week was pokemon go global go fest. I went super hard 2 days straight. Super malnourished….. basically >90k steps. Damn. Walking around like 10 hours straight both days with minimal breaks.

Then the week after, week before labor day long weekend, the pains got worse and noticeable. Before it was just like soreness on like right leg area, not super bad or anything just ye. But at this point it was around LCL area. Trash.

Now, it feels a bit off walking. Before regular walking was fine, just running a bit destruction. But why on a Monday now it is destruction? I don’t feel so good. Also have to do a half marathon (and maybe beer mile?) this weekend. Which I will do. But I’ll still consider tomorrow a make or break day for the new years resolution lol. I like miracles, and I kinda want one right now.