Kent Spring 2023

A Very Nice Cubing Competition/Day

Stanley Wongus
5 min readMay 31, 2023

Despite blowing my nose a 10000 times that day, this was a pretty good Rubik’s Cube competition. My 3rd one of the year, equalling the amount I went last year. Living in the U.S. now, especially in a pretty active cubing metro meant a lot more events compared to southern Ontario.

Woke up around like 3 or 4 due to the weird sleep schedule. Went on the daily run after slacking off on phone a bunch. Then walked and got a frappe and took the bus to Kent for the competition. (baited by star dash)

Played some Pokemon Go, but not as active as before :(

The 150 bus went from downtown seattle to Kent (a city south of Seattle). Was a decent ride, part of it on the freeway. Took a bit under an hour! The community centre where this took place was like right beside a bus stop (and near a bunch of box shops as well!)

2nd time to Kent in my life

Kent Commons Community Center seemd like just a normal one.

The thing is, I have not solved a cube in many many weeks. So basically I only got to practice a little bit before the events started!

Just like the previous few competitions, I had very little expectations. I did want to PB in some things, but I had no idea.

First round of 3x3 was ok. Was able to get a low 13 average which was fine considering I barely practiced; got a few 12 second solves which was ok.

First round of 5x5 sucked. I at least got a couple sub 1:40, but overall a 1:43 average. Not too bad overall still.

Then 3x3 one-handed was 28.xx average which was pretty cool still, sub 30 seconds always nice.

Then met up with my manager (and friend lol) Kelden, who happened to live 2 minutes away, very very very close to it! Pretty nice.

He drove me to Federal Way (a city south-ish of Kent) for some really nice Korean food for lunch. Authentic stuff and Ye.

first steps in Federal Way

Forgot what this was called but it was like a slightly noodly beef soup with rice, and we got some super duper nice seafood pancake too! OP! Very OP place.

Then back to afternoon cubing. Skewb was ok, PB’d with sub 11 second average which was solid, a couple of sub 10s. I guess I really underperformed in the last few competitions so this time was a fine average, slightly consistent :)

4x4 was ok. 46 second average was pretty subpar, was expecting around 45; but again no practice, so guess that’s rationalized lol.

Then the final event of the day for me, 3x3 round 2. Top 20 make it to finals, and Kelden hyped me up a bit. Based on round 1 results, a high-11 average would do it. I know that it was possible for sure, I had many sessions where 11s were as easy as breathing.

So just like my best (relative) performing competition, where I exceeded my expectations (Toronto Fall 2016), I was pumping myself up with Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me in my head (rather than headphones last time). Also some Getaway Car too (as it was one of her surprise songs from her new york concert the previous night that I read about). I was finally able to PB and FINALLY SUB 12 SECOND 3X3 AVERAGE IN COMPETITION WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Barely PB’d the single time too, but honestly I wanted sub 10. The solves could’ve been much better, had I been more composed. was kinda hyped. Also this cube was the first time I was using it, as I purchased it last competition. It was pretty nice and fast. Maybe some practice could’ve gotten me that sub 10 single that I really want to get before I ‘retire’. But overall, still like 0.4 seconds away from finals. But extremely pleased with result. A good day, despite the clogged sinuses.

Then got to chill at Kelden’s place for a short while, and got to see his cat y̶u̶u̶m̶i̶ Asho, which was super cut and cool, and could do a bunch of tricks.

Apartment exterior :)

Really appreciated his hospitality during the day!

Then took the bus home, got chipotle bowl (too lazy to cook rip), then did random stuff then slept. A solid day, in a fluid, wavy week.