GUTS Album Songs Review

How I felt while listening to this album while exercising (>100 times played)

Stanley Wongus
6 min readDec 20, 2023

Been a minute since I reviewed music/songs here, mostly due to the fact that I have listened to a lot of Taylor’s Version songs recently (SNTV/1989TV releases this year) — and I do not really want to rate them since it’s not a true review, as most of those songs there are basically re-releases. (and too lazy to just rate the vault songs lol)

But it was pretty nice that Olivia Rodrigo released GUTS a few months ago, so I listened to it a bunch, a couple times a day basically for a good while (until 1989 TV was released around a month and a half later). I still listen to it a bunch, but overall I think I got a good grasp of all the songs and a good opinion of them.

Overall I don’t think this album is better than SOUR (I reviewed it 2 years ago), but it is still a really really good album! (really really really really good). Listened to it a lot while working, casually doing random stuff, and most importantly, while running!

Quick Context

When vampire was initially released early-July it was an AMAZINGGGGGG song! Very catchy and nice and I basically looped it a bunch. So I had really high hopes for the album. When it did come out, it was very nice. Though I think there were a lot more pop-rock ish style songs, which is a different flavour as to what SOUR offered (though there’s still some nice calmer? style songs and stuff)

But yeah in the beginning I would either listen to SOUR/GUTS back-to-back during the morning runs (or just GUTS two times). And the latter half of the album is basically so good. Though it is still sub 40 minutes long total, I still enjoy playing these songs over and over again.

So yeah, here are my thoughts/ratings/review? of the songs of the album (not including the secret vinyl songs ughhhh… wished she just put everything on the streaming stuffs lol)

all-american bitch

One of my favorite songs of the album, I love the upbeat-edness and overall switch in tone. Pretty catchy, and nice energetic stuffs overall! The lyrics are pretty cool too. And weirdly enough, the ‘scream’ part doesn’t bother me all that much.

“I don’t get angry when I’m pissed
I’m the eternal optimist
I scream inside to deal with it
Like, “Ah”

Yeah I loveeee the bridge, pretty cool lyrics, and nice sounding overall. Like a good portion of this song was stuck in my head earlier this year when I was running the Munich Marathon and Amsterdam Marathon (partially cause I live in America???? idk), nice energy overall. And it was in my head a bunch during NYC marathon too, like I was screaming inside cause i was super duper tired and all that lol. So yeah, this song is super duper good! 10/10

bad idea right?

Mehhhhhhh. Like this is the second single released. I guess some people like it (think this song got some awards?). But for me it was pretty meh. The melody overall is meh. Overall sounds a bit like brutal from the previous album a bit. But meh this song is good, but meh overall. 7/10


As alluded to above, this is one of my top 10 most played songs ever I think. Like during the first week it was out, I looped this a bajillion times. Very very catchy lyrics i think, but very very very enjoyable melody and everything. Loveee listening to it still to this day. I think it’s the ‘best’ song of the album overall, sounds almost perfect basically! Super nice. 10/10


A slightly calmer follow-up to vampire, a pretty solid song overall. Nothing too strong or standy-outy in particular, but a enjoyable listen overall I guess. I do like piano-y stuff. 8/10

ballad of a homeschooled girl

A pop-rock type of song. Kinda grew on me I guess. The lyrics were okay, not super duper nice or anything but still pretty good. But still catchy at some parts. 8/10

making the bed

This seems like a super filler song to me. Nothing is super memorable or distinct compared to the other songs in the album. Kinda generic idk. I still enjoy listening to it though, but it seems kinda basic. Like a basic good song. But yeah. 7.5/10


A nice enjoyable song, cool lyrics too I guess. And yeah the lyrics and melody overall is much more distinct compared to the previous song lol. Vocals were nice, but yeah nothing super strong compared to the best songs on the album. Still super nice though. 8.5/10

get him back!

so gooooooood. I loveee the lyrics to this song! Very very very very catchy. I remember the chorus was in my head when I was running this half marathon in September (one week after release date). Love the beat and melody as well. idk just so nice to listen to! :) one of my favorites of the album! 10/10

love is embarassing

arguably one of my favorite songs of the album! Loveeee the whole song (though i wish it was a bit longer). The upbeated-ness is really nice. I loved the bridge as well. Yeah superrrrr goood. Though since it was short, I don’t think there was a super ‘strong’ part to the song. But I still love it! 10/10

the grudge

Another amazing song! Much more softer in tone, lots of piano — things that I loveeeee when paired with her vocals! Very very nice melody again, and lyrically very cool too! A very enjoyable and calming listen. (ps i would enjoy this song 10x more if listening while not running since it is on the quieter side) 10/10

pretty isn’t pretty

The vibe is similar to love is embarassing in a way. I really enjoy the bridge as well super duper duper nicely. The beat and vibe is very very enjoyable too (not as much as love is embarassing, but still very very nice). I think this might’ve been top 3 song in album in first impressions, but it slightly fell off for me. Still a VERY good song! 9.5/10

teenage dream

Another nice ending to an album, a slightly similar feel to hope ur ok from SOUR. Bridge is really nice, and lyrically pretty nice overall. Melody is cool too, and a nice ending to the album. Maybe some parts might’ve been a bit slow for me? But yeah a super enjoyable listen still. 9/10

So overall, I would give the album a 9.5/10. Mannnnnn, basically a 10/10 still. But the middle songs don’t stand out as much to me as it can. They are all still very high quality and enjoyable songs, but compared to SOUR, the vibe is slightly off. Kinda like a sister album feel, but maybe it will grow on more to me in the future? But yeah some of the middle songs are meh. But basically the second half of the album is perfection!!!!!! So good; basically all those songs are top-notch. Very enjoyable while running when I’m listening to this soundtrack!

Also I decided to be a bit more numerical in this rating (and maybe from now on) compared to before, as I didn’t give out any 10+, 10++, etc etc like I did previously. So obviously some 10s are stronger than other 10s.

But overall I love listening to this album! Short but very sweet! Definitely on top of the running rotation (for sure if runs are ~1 hour, otherwise I might choose a longer album -_-). Not to jinx anything, but hopefully Olivia Rodrigo keeps this up! Lots of high quality stuff that might become legendary one day!