Got New Running Shoes!

My 7th pair of running shoe purchased this year…

So I finally got a new pair of running shoes. I just did my final, final run (probably) in the original Nike Infinity Reacts that I got earlier this June. I was able to get in over 630 miles (over 1000km) in them over this time period which was nice. I even wrote an earlier post reviewing these shoes.

But overall, those were solid daily trainers for like pretty easy days, not really any speed or anything. The shoe was built for short to medium lower-effort distances, and it served me very well over this time period.

So the decision I had now was to get another ‘easy day’ shoe, or just a shoe with nice cushioning that I can go easy with, not much speed needed. I already had the Boston 9s, which could technically be daily trainers, or for any conditions (similar to the pegasuses), but I feel like the Bostons should not be the go-to easy day shoe, since I generally like it for an all-around shoe, since it was a bit firmer, so some easy days may not be as nice in these shoes.

There were some other options like the Peg 37s, or another 36s, or maybe even a different brand like Saucony (Endorphin Shifts). But at the end, I decided to go with another pair of Infinity Reacts!!!!!! There was a minor sale on them, nothing special at Sportchek. I knew that the Infinity React 2s and some other trainers like the Vomero 14s might be released soon, and they seem really nice, new, and promising with technology improvements. But I was a bit desperate and decided to stick with the Infinity Reacts. They were very solid for me this year, so I did not really see any issue sticking with it.

The one I got was a blue (kind of baby blue) colourway! It looks really sick out of the box!

Overall, the looks were very nice. The blue was a bit light blue, and the whites are very nice (but will get dirty soon of course). The bottom tread is also really cool, with the light-ish blue rubber all over.

Overall, I got the original colourway (the very first version one) with the white, pink, and yellow tint and stuff. This one is a bit simpler, with just mostly blue. The insole had a different pattern; instead of infinity react in the font and all, it specifically has the infinity logo, and the Nike wording over it.

Overall, I am excited to see how a brand new Infinity React will compare to the one that has been pretty worn down. I already notice that the react foam on the new one is brand new, and not compressed at all. I really got to see a first hand comparison of how 1000+km on a shoe will really compress the midsole and all.

I will be using those Infinity Reacts (first one) for daily wear. I have worn down my first pair of Peg Turbos which I have been using over the last 2 months for casual wear, so hopefully the old pair of Infinity Reacts will last a few months as a casual beater too. The design is still very nice, and it still looks relatively good. Could have maybe gone 100+ more miles, but given how worn it was and my body and pain history, I did not really want to risk it too much.

So overall, these pair of shoes are my latest ones that I got this year. Started with the blue pegasus 35 turbos, then the bright red pegasus 36s, then the og colorway infinity reacts, then the bright red Boston 9s, then (technically) the all black Pegasus 36 Trail GTX, then finally, back to the blue coloured infinity reacts. Hopefully this shoe will be very nice, just like the first one for me, in 2021!