Friday Night. Last of August

Stanley Wongus
2 min readAug 26, 2023

Pokemon Go global go fest. Got 1 $15 ticket for me. 1 for my friend. 1 for his brother’s birthday. That is some money. But it’ll be worth it for sure.

Thankfully not on-call this weekend. Life is okay, but in a 100% great way. Still slacking in content creation variety. I will need to up it a bit.

But my purpose in life is still confused. I know almost nothing. I want to know more. My independence is my greatest strength and weakness.

Though a big blocking factor in some things is my new year’s resolution of running this year. 230+ days so far, by far the most I’ve had in my life. It’s great. But what is 2024 all about? Summiting all volcanoes in WA? Boston+Chicago Marathons? Focusing on more speed during running? Focusing a lot more on improving and evolving in the workspace? Travelling to Asia for once? Seeing Taylor Swift concert again? Ugh. Having a more social social life? Ugh. Weird and so confusing.

I’ll just continue the planned events from Sept — Nov. But a bit interested to see if anything unexpected happens in those months between the planned stuff. Quite unsure, but if anything from 2022, there’s gonna be some nice experiences here and there, and def new experiences and fun experiences and memorable too!