Feeling Weirdddddddd

Stanley Wongus
1 min readApr 29, 2023

2 sec later after publish edit::: just saw this lol https://zoywongus.medium.com/feeling-kinda-weird-8ed0c5094438 similar title and all. Nice. I am documenting this online uhhh. Cool? ok.

Hmm weird mental state right now. Like yeah, work today was not super ideal, and I didn’t do too many good things, yet I felt mentally crushed? Maybe because I was wearing a jacket thing when it was pretty warm inside work and I was super sweating when I was fumbling an explanation lol.

Though this rarely happens. My walking pace was literally 0.5x going back to work/picking up dinner. Last time this happened was 2013 — pretty sure after last day of headstart program report card thing just finished BK at agincourt mall, secretly got some pokemon cards, walked home — though somehow felt a bit tilted so missed the traffic lights (walking through a red on a semi-busy street) and a car honked at me lol. Similarly it happened to me as I was walking to chipotle after.

I was confused. I don’t know what to do right now (hence I am documenting my feelings lol). Maybe cause last week(end) was super busy with the AZ/UT/ID/OR/WA drive trip.

Though yeah, a bit tilted. I wonder why I am feeling this way. I did eat super unhealthy food for last 2 weeks though.