Evermore Impressions

Taylor Swift’s latest album after 1 listen (top-to-bottom)

So this December is off to a great start! And it is so much better after MOTM3 and Evermore dropped on the same day (night). Well, I downloaded Evermore to my Apple Watch this morning before my run, and listened to it, just like how I did previously with Lover and Folklore in the mornings. Hopefully this album will define most of my runs in 2021 for me!

2 releases in the span of 4 months?!?!?!

So apparently this is a somewhat follow-up to Folklore (as it can be indicated from the themes of like trees and wildlife stuff in many of Taylor Swift’s photos and all that).

I listened to the whole album from top to bottom on today’s morning run (deluxe edition not released yet, so I only listened to the first 15 songs). Overall, I felt a lot of Folklore vibes in this album as well. A lot of alternative-sounds and and a bit more calm relative to her other pop albums. The vocals sounded very clean and nice, and it was a very great album to listen to. Not the one that provides the most hype, but it is something that just keeps the rhythm flowing and gets the ball rolling. I am not super familiar with some melodies or lyrics yet since this is only my first listen and sometimes running outside with traffic noises and stuff will prevent me from getting the full experience.

I will however listen to this album a lot outside of running, to get a good grasp of some songs overall.

The beginning of this album, notably Willow is a really good song. Champagne Problems is also nice sounding as well (probably since I had better audio and less outside noise interference). So far, most of the album sounds very promising. Just like folklore, I won’t expect something that is going to be my favorite album of all time since it is not super upbeat and all. But overall, I still see this album being an exceptional ‘sequel’ to folklore, and I can’t wait to get my full review on!