Evermore Album Songs Review (During Running)

How I felt while listening to this album while exercising (>100 times played)

Stanley Wongus
6 min readApr 28, 2021

Not so long ago, I posted my Folklore album review while running, which I listened to basically every morning from September to December 2020. Well from ~December 2020 to now (April 2020), I have been basically listening to the Evermore album every morning during my runs. Maybe that’s why I run at least ≥ 7 miles every morning, even on ‘easy’ days (since these albums have been so enjoyable to listen to, and I want to get the entire album in).

This album has given me a lot of nice vibes and joy to listen to. A lot of great memories were made, especially now I can really relate this to the internship that I just completed from January to April. Listening to this every morning, then doing cooldown/misc routines before starting the work day in my first remote work term ever will be something I will remember for a very long time!

The route was pretty similar for most of those runs. I listened to these songs in order, from top to bottom! Also unlike Folklore, I listened to the bonus tracks from the deluxe edition of the album for almost all the runs as well (since it came out mid january), so overall, I had like the same routine.


The opening track of this album is super duper nice and cool to listen to! Just like her previous (all?) albums, the opening song is really good, and sets a really good tone for the rest of the album. I enjoyed the guitar stuff, and it is super memorable. Doesn’t have too much ‘pop’, but a really good rhythm still. It sets a super nice opening tone, and I really really enjoy it still. 10/10.

champagne problems

One of my favorite songs from the entire album. Loveeeeeeed the piano parts, loved the chorus, loved everything about it! Definitely a song I can listen to all day long! The lyrics are super nice as well, and the melody is something really really good. I just enjoy this song so much, nothing much else to say about it! 10+/10.

gold rush

The melody for this song is super catchy and nice. Even though it comes after champagne problems, does not feel that much ‘less’ than it, and is a really really good song. I really like singing along to some of its parts as well. I still love this song a lot! Just doesn’t have the super duper nice parts, but still overall a really really good song. 10/10.

tis the damn season

Just like gold rush, this song is quite unique, but I really enjoy the lyrics and melody of it as well. I sometimes sing along as well. A super nice song to listen to. I especially liked listening to this around Christmas time! Overall, a really nice song that I enjoy listening to. 10/10.

tolerate it

This is one of those other songs that I’d say is one of my favorites. There’s nothing super duper special about it, but the lyrics are super enjoyable to listen or sing to. Of course, I enjoyed the piano melody and stuff as well. The vocals are also top tier. Amazing song! 10+/10

no body, no crime

During my first few listens of this album, this song was one of my favorites. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the HAIM feature? Maybe because of how it’s relatively upbeat? But as I listened to this album more and more, this song did not get any worse, but a lot of the other songs just got a lot better to me. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed listening to this song a lot, and I enjoy its upbeat nature. Not super duper nice compared to the previous songs, but it provides a nice beat and rhythm to listen to while running. 9/10.


Well this song is a bit nice I guess. A bit slower, and more lyrics-based I think. I enjoyed the melody a bit. Overall not super memorable to me. I guess after how super duper nice the previous 6 songs are, this seems like a small drop-off to me. I still enjoy listening to it, but it doesn’t reach out to me as nicely as the other ones. 7.5/10.


Yeah just like happiness, I’m not the biggest fan of this song. Still a decent melody and beat to listen to, but nothing really sticks out to me that much. I still like it, but it’s nothing compared to the other ones. 7.5/10.

coney island

After the previous 2 meh-good songs, I really really enjoy coney island. The feature was super complemental and really nice; fits really well with the song. Some memorable lyrics that is super nice. I really enjoyed the guitar parts, and overall the vocals are super nice as well. Super enjoyable to listen to!!!! 10+/10.


Ivy is another super nice song to listen to! The lyrics, and it’s overall melody is nice. No complaints about this overall, just a super solid, really really enjoyable song in any condition! 10/10.

cowboy like me

This song is pretty good I guess. Not super duper nice; it’s just like dorothea from earlier. Pretty good, I still enjoy it, but it’s squeezed between super duper nice songs, so that’s why they don’t score too high even though it’s still nice to listen to. 7.5/10.

long story short

One of if not my favorite songs from this album. I really really enjoyed its slight upbeatness! Lyrics were super duper nice as well! The melody is quite memorable for me, and it brings super nice vibes. I don’t know why, but this song is super duper enjoyable for me! 10+/10.


Meh. It’s pretty decent I guess. Some catchy parts that I enjoy singing along to. Slow paced, but still decent melody. But of course a bit weird since I do not get good vibes because of ‘marjorie’. Still decent. 8/10.


A pretty good song I guess. Not super loud, a bit more quiet, and I guess pretty solid all around. Mostly soft melody and stuff, sort of enjoyable at times I guess (I think I used to like this song a lot more when I was first listening to this album). 8.5/10.


Well, the album title song, is a great song indeed. I really enjoyed the Bon Iver feature. Though this is nowhere near the masterpiece exile was, this is still a really really good song. I nice ‘final’ song to the album (not including the deluxe edition songs). I enjoyed the piano parts, and the melody and tunes are nice. 9.5/10.

right where you left me (bonus track)

I pretty nice upbeat, catchy, and a song that I quite enjoyed listening to. To me, this does not fit super duper well when listening to the album fully in order and all, so it makes sense it is in the deluxe part for me. Overall I enjoyed listening to this song. A very solid, solid track. 9/10.

it’s time to go (bonus track)

Similar opinion compared to right where you left me. Sometimes I enjoyed the previous song more compared to this, and sometimes the reverse. These songs have different pacing and melody altogether. A nice solid song altogether. Not sure why I’m not a super huge fan of it, but I still enjoy listening to it. 9/10.

So overall, this is a really really really really really nice nice nice album!!! Super enjoyable to listen to no matter what, especially in the track order. Something that stands out a lot is that the first half of the album is pretty much near perfection in my opinion. Very solid tracks all over the place, and some of these songs are definitely top 10 (or 20 at least) from Taylor Swift’s discography. I would give this a 10/10. Basically perfect for me. Some tracks may not be the best, but the overall flow and my enjoyment of the album is basically perfect.

How would I compare this to the sister album folklore that I previously reviewed? Tough choice. Both of them are superb albums (due to recency bias, I might put these two both in the top 5 — top 3 depending on the day of the week — of all her albums). The alternative vibes and genre change is really nice and enjoyable for me.

As of now, I cannot decide. Some songs from folklore is just way too good for me (despite how good some songs from evermore are as well) such as cardigan, exile, and, mad woman. Even though I initially gave folklore a 9/10, it is still hard to compare these two directly. Gahhhh. I would put them as equals, for now, in terms of my overall preference (ignoring the rating I gave them). Maybe the recency bias will wear off? Well I will see how often I will listen to the top tracks from this album in like half a year to potentially decide!