Haven’t written since April. Ok so still running. Do not think I am getting destroyed, but starting to get slightly fatigued and stuff. Averaging mid 80s in mileage each week. A bit of speedwork, but don’t want to risk it with too high intensity. Though eventually hopefully I can be happy with lower mileage and more short nicer speedwork. Hopefully I can average 80s for the rest of the summer with increased quality on some speedwork runs. Then take a short break. Then focus on race specific stuff in the Fall, hopefully can do nice time trials or races. Though I would like to do a time trial (not really tapered) either July/August just to see fitness.

Summer base building. Highest mileage I’ve ever been on. Lots of doubles. Some ok-quality speedwork (would prefer more, but don’t wanna burn out). Decent distance long runs. Fun

School is ok. 6 courses + PD, just aiming for a decent pass for all of them. Most worried about 486 project, 456 assignments — hopefully I don’t slack, and 309 — have to pass last midterm or else GG.

Hopefully I can enroll in 240L and find a good plan in the fall to get on campus.

Also have to start practicing driving soon — G exam in October lol.

Also starting cubing a lot again. Mostly doing 3BLD and 4x4. Ordered GTS2M and Aosu Worm to upgrade my current 3x3/4x4 mains, haven’t gotten nice cubes in a while. It will come in a few weeks. My goal for 3BLD is sub5 min overall, but eventually hopefully sub 3–4 min, though I am lacking motivation. My goal for 4x4 is sub 50 (best sub 45). It is going ok, made great progression thanks to Yau — getting many 40s these days and averaging low 50s once warmed up. Got a sub 40 PB solve (PLL parity) — something close to 30 single would be king. idk how long ‘dedicated’ cubing will last until I take a break lol.

GTS2M. Hyped for my first magnetic 3x3 cube which is pretty good (not really budget, not really too elite since this was 2017–2018 stuff)
Aosu WRM. Decided to get the best of the best after getting only budget 4x4s for the last 6 years lol. Need to try a elite tier cube, and this seems nice. All 4x4s I’ve had catch/lock up too much in 3x3 stage rip.

Also cooked lots of nice food multiple meals/day. But not much lately; just breakfast.