Day 5: Less Rest

Writing this Thursday morning; forgot to last night. Started before before 6, did like around 8 miles looping on Ring Road a bit easier pace. Then got back home did usual core/rolling, usual 2 almond butter jelly (sprouted bread), usual protein shake, usual orange, and also ate a fruit bottom yogurt. Defrosted some frozen fruit.

Then went on campus, to STC to try to finish up BIOL365 lab 5. I slacked off a bit at the beginning (somehow super gassed every time after I arrive on campus; too hard to focus lol). I ended up finishing before lunch.

I then went to SLC to heat up lunch (brown rice/quinoa/a chicken breast piece/black bean/mushroom/onion/beyond beef chunks).

Then I did the Wayfair coding challenge which was a bit easy. Don’t think I’ll get a job this time around though.

Then I beat Giovanni and got nice shadow Entei 12/12/15.

Then went home and looked at a bit of React Youtube to prep for nice tomorrow. Also did some Leetcode practice.

Made dinner; pan fried the pack of wild salmon fillets I defrosted yesterday; took some frozen veggies out and made fried rice/quinoa. Also ate a chicken breast Ye from Monday’s cooking.

Then played Catan with Dash/Hari/Tarun which was really nice. Then I slacked off a lot but mixed in some organic greek yogurt to the berries/mangos and ate it. Rolled a bit and got to bed around 9:20ish (took a while to fall asleep though lol).