Day 2: Not much

Started the day off around 8. Ate a chocolate chip mint Larabar. Been craving those in the morning a lot for some reason.

Headed out for a 15–16 miler. No gels also lol; I might want to buy a few for the coming longer long runs. Since the past week was pretty hard and there was no class the coming week, I did not want to push too hard on this long run. Just get the miles in and prime my legs for the coming weeks where weekdays should be less hectic.

Ended the week with 68 miles. Solid buildup. Hopefully I can get around 60–70 next week with one or two decent higher tempo workouts.

Same routine after. Roll, bit of stretch and core stuff. Then showered, and almond milk protein shake and 2 almond butter & jelly sandwiches. Also had a greek fruit bottom yogurt cause I was a bit hungry, and also an orange. Then took some frozen berries to the fridge for defrosting.

Went to Felix’s apartment and delivered some bread to him.

Went to MC to watch some CS350 online lectures. Only did like 20 minutes of watching, then a Regigigas ex-raid, then a Giratina raid. Both of them were mediocre IVs. Then went to QNC for the next 1–2 hours to continue watching video lectures.

Then took the 201 to Sobey’s at Columbia/Fischer-Hallman. So much stuff was sold out (including nice frozen fruits on sale that I swiped earlier this week). Got another beyond ground pack (not sure what red meat to get). Got organic chicken breast (want to compare this to regular one. Super expensive……). Finally got some sprouted bread! And also got frozen organic mangos on sale. Oh yeah also got an Amy’s lasagna cause I wanted to try it out today (it was not on sale…..).

Walked home. Then finished up the spinach and Ye spring mix along with making the lasagna in the microwave. It was flavorful and pretty tasty. Super clean too. I would rather cook stuff myself though.

Then I headed out for dinner with Felix at Freshii. I got the bamboo Ye with tofu (not the cleanest, but trying to be more plant-based these days, especially with my chicken at home). It was really nice. One of the few places I really like since it’s relatively clean bowls.

Went back home and opened the organic greek yogurt to have with the frozen berries. It was nice.

Watched like 2 lectures of CS350. Then watched some Youtube. Bedtime. Forgot to write this. Got up and wrote this.

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